Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Lighthouse; Chapter 1: An Unexpected Suprise

Claire sat down at her computer and decided she would finally write that email she'd been neglecting for the last three weeks. She didn't have the energy to write, truth was, she just didn't have the energy to do anything. She'd spent all night tossing and turning, wondering what would be the best way to tell him and in the end, decided to go with her first option, an email would have to do. There was no way she could do it face to face, she was too afraid of what his reaction might be, in fact she already knew. He'd tell her he didn't want to know and slam the door in her face. She'd played the scenario out a thousand times in her head and each time the ending was the same. How could she have been so naive? 

She'd seen him out a few times since, it was a small town and she could hardly avoid him without making it obvious, plus, she worked with him. But even at work, he never even so much as glanced in her direction let alone acted as though he'd suspected anything. Then again, she didn't really think he'd care even if he did know. By the time she looked at the clock again it was almost dark. She switched her computer off, grabbed her fishing rod and bucket and walked across the road to the beach.

Fishing always calmed her nerves and she knew she had to stay calm, stress wasn't an option. Her doctor had signed her off from work saying that working in an overly hot busy kitchen was no good for her or the unborn baby inside of her and reluctantly she had listened. What her doctor didn't know, was that the real stress was being so close to her unborn child's unsuspecting father. That and because every time she'd tried to go back the baby had kicked inside of her and wouldn't stop until she sat down. It was like it knew she was about to break the rules. "Not even born yet and already running my life", she'd whispered to it smiling. She felt a tug on the line and snapped back into the present, whatever it was had lost interest and carried on swimming. "Just like Jared", she thought to herself. She didn't know how it happened at the time and still didn't, eight months and 27 days later. He was the towns resident trouble maker, always in trouble with the police for something or another, but for some reason, he was irresistible to the ladies. Notorious for sleeping in a different bed every weekend and not caring if the last one knew about it. It was always the stunning, beautiful women that fell for his charm, thinking they could play him at his own game or change him. Claire thought neither, so she was more than a little surprised when he came up to her at the bar and offered her a drink. She'd actually turned to look behind her and see who he was talking to. When she'd seen nobody there and turned back around, she'd looked straight at his lopsided boyish grin and she was sold. Hook, line and sinker. After a few too many drinks, they'd grabbed a cab back to hers, both too inebriated to drive but not so drunk as not to know what they were doing. She vaguely remembered the bartender asking if she was sure she wanted to leave with Jared and she'd naively smiled and said she was fine. 

She'd earlier discovered that he did in fact know she existed, and that he knew more about her than she thought. While they'd sat at the bar drinking and talking, he'd told her he knew that she bit her lip when she was frustrated, she always sipped, never chugged her water which she had to have with two ice cubes not three. He knew that she liked salads with chicken and a touch of tomato pepper, and that she loved warm not hot apple pie. She wondered how he knew all of this, seeing as the first time they'd been introduced at work all he did was grunt and go back to tasting the soup. He hadn't spoken to her or even, so she had thought, looked in her direction since. When the taxi reached her home, they'd stumbled through her front door and up to her room. 30 minutes later he was leaving. No earth shattering mind blowing wonderful explorations of the human body having taken place. Just a quick fumble under the sheets, a "See you around", and he was gone. This was the wonderful memory her first time had left her with. That, and a baby, due in exactly in 4 days time.


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    Man! What a start! Can't wait to get to know Claire and see where all of this takes her.

    1. No problem! Same to you :) I've started reading Secrets of the Six Killers, loving it so far x