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The Lighthouse; Part Three, Chapter 1: A Deeper Shade of Red

"Thanks for coming over guys!" Cyran called as he closed the door behind the Landgraab's, "Well that was, um, interesting" he said to Claire. "You noticed it too?" she asked. Cyran nodded, "Yea, they could barely look at each other, Nancy looked like she just wanted to kill him" Cyran answered as he began to feed the fish. Claire was about to answer him when her phone rang.

"Hello... I'm fine thank you, yourself? ... Good.... Sure, I can talk... What? I mean, your sure? .... Oh my gosh, I would love to! You don't know how much this means, Thank you so much!.... Okay, I'll see you Monday... you too." Cyran was now watching Claire intently, his eye's glistening with intrigue, "Your never going to guess what just happened!" Claire shrieked excitedly, jumping around like a hyper active teenager, "What?" Cyran laughed as she fell into his arms. "You are now looking at the new Head Chef of the Little Corsican Bistro! They offered me the promotion!" she screamed, Cyran picked her up, whirling her around, he covered her cheeks with kisses. "But that's not all" she pulled back, suddenly serious, "I'm a partner! I own half of the restaurant!" she screamed again. Cyran gasped, unable to hide his delight, "Oh Claire, I'm so proud of you!"

"Cy, this is what I always wanted, I'm one step closer to my dream of owning my own restaurant. This is perfect..." her voice faltered as tears began to glisten in her eyes, "Oh babe" Cyran chuckled, "Come here you big softy. I am so proud of you".


"Babe, breakfast was delicious, 10/10, Bellissima" he said, putting on an Italian accent. Claire laughed, "Oh behave" she scolded playfully as leaned down to put the dishes in the dishwasher. Standing she stretched rubbing in between her shoulders, she was stiff from all the exercise she had been doing. Cyran came up behind her and began to massage her back in exactly the right spot.

"Ooh, that's perfect" she purred. Suddenly he stopped, "Where's Kaci?" he asked, "Out with her friends, she'll be gone all day, why whats wrong?" she said, confused. "Nothing" he said as he scooped her up and in one swift movement placed her on the counter, "Cy what are you doing?" she mumbled as his lips pressed against hers muffling the sound of her voice. 

"Taking advantage of my girlfriend" he mumbled, his voice low with desire. "Fine, but can we do this somewhere else, the curtains are open, what if someone comes by and see-", "Then it's their own fault for dropping by unannounced" he said, kissing her harder, until her cries of protest became cries of longing.
      Eventually, they fell in a heap half on, half off the counter, Claire's legs were trembling so hard she could hardly stand. Every time with Cyran was like a whole new experience and she loved it. She was extremely conscious of the fact he must have been with more than few women to be so experienced and at times she did feel a little insecure, but every time the thought entered her head, he did something to make her forget everything except him.
      Cyran rested on his elbows on the counter, the rise and fall of his chest beginning to slow. Claire watched him for a minute, taking in every curve and freckle of his skin, slowly, she began to trace the contours of his chest, firstly with her fingertips, and then with her lips, sliding down his body, until Cyran opened his eyes and looked down at her. "Claire? Wait a minute, what are you doing?" he asked, he thought he knew, but the thought had him almost speechless. Some familiar words began to replay in her head and she began to recite them, a slight smirk on her lips, not and ounce of  hesitation in her voice "Shh" she whispered, "Just relax, trust me".


Claire opened the door as Cyran charged in, grabbing her arms and backing her into the hallway. "Cyran! Stop! Kaci might be home soon!" Claire protested, "Ah, no, not gonna work, you said she'd be out all day" he laughed, pinning her against the wall. 

All morning he'd be chasing her around the house, she'd literally had to kick him out for a few hours so she could do her workout and get the housework done, but now he'd come back he was at it again. "Yes! but how do you know she won't be back? She could come back at any time, kids get bored easily!" Claire countered, "Because I transferred some money into her bank account and told her take her friends to movies and to the mall, buy an outfit or something, whatever it is teenagers like to do these days" he said, nuzzling her neck. "You WHAT?! How much did you give her?!" Claire exclaimed, squirming beneath him, "Enough to know that she'll be gone, all day, don't worry, I told her to text before she comes back 'just to make sure we're home', " he smirked, raising his eyebrow and winking, a mischievious grin enveloping his face. Claire opened her mouth to argue, but Cyran cut her off. "ENOUGH WOMAN! I am the man of this house and what I say goes, am I gonna have to start putting my foot down around here?!" he mocked, throwing Claire over his shoulder, "To the man cave!" he exclaimed as he headed for the stairs, ignoring Claire's screams for him to put her down. 

"Cyran Sword! You put me down right now!" Claire objected, "Oh I'll put you down alright" he laughed, dropping her onto the bed, and kissing her before she could object further. Her body began to melt into his and he knew she was past the point of of no return as her kisses became hungrier, her lips never leaving his and she pulled him on top of her into the paradise that was his alone. 


A while later the front door opened, but neither of them heard it. They didn't hear Kaci shouting, "I'm home" or the patter of her footsteps running up the stairs. Kaci stopped outside her bedroom door, and turned, she was sure she heard her mom giggling, and Cyran was laughing too, "What are they doing in there at this time?" Kaci asked herself and in the same moment, she wished she hadn't "Oh GROSS!" she gagged as she ran into her room and shut the door. 

"Cyran stop" Claire whispered, "No Seriously, stop! I think Kaci's home". The smile fell from Cyrans face, they looked at the clock, it was 9pm.
"Shit!" he exclaimed, "What do we do?!" Claire laughed at him, he actually looked worried, pacing around in a panic. "What can we do?" she asked shaking her head, "I'll call her" she said, "See where she is". Kaci answered on the fourth ring, "Hello?" she said, "Hey honey, where are you?" Claire asked, feigning curiosity. "Oh, I'm just, ya know, in my room, chilling out, relaxing, you?Kaci said, stifling the urge to laugh out loud. Her mother sounded like she was running scared. 
Kaci found it hilarious now she had calmed down. Her mom was supposed to catch her in compromising situations, not the other way around, and not that she ever hoped it would happen, God no, she shuddered at the thought. "Oh, okay sweetie... So... uh... how long have you been home?" she asked, her voice raising three octaves. Kaci clutched her stomach as she fell back onto her bed, muffling the sounds of her laughter with her pillows. She composed herself quickly, "Oh, about an hour" she lied, "Anyway, I'm going to bed, I'm tired, Night mom!" she hung up and burst into uncontrollable laughter. "Tomorrow is going to be a good day" she thought to herself, wiping tears from her eyes.

"Goddammit, she knows" Claire moaned, Cyran sat wide eyed, unblinking. "Shit". was all he could manage.


It was still dark when Kaci woke the next morning. She showered and went downstairs to get some breakfast before school. Kaci heard her moms soft footsteps coming slowly down the stairs and her face began to twitch as she tried hard not to laugh.



"You, um, sleep okay?"

"Great! you?"

"Mm, yea... okay" 


Kaci said nothing more as she watched her Mom wander over the refrigerator, open it, look around, and then close it again. She was putting her plate in the dishwasher when her mom finally decided to go back upstairs.

"Mom?" Kaci called. Claire stopped but didn't turn around, she couldn't, Kaci would see the deep shade of crimson her face had gone, instead she pretended to brush something off of her dressing gown. "Yes sweetie?" she replied, her voice strained.

"Should I call before I come home next time?" Kaci asked innocently, biting her lip to keep from laughing.

"Uh! NO! I mean, no, it's okay! see you later sweetie, have a good day!" Claire squeaked as she tried not to run up the stairs. It was then and there that she decided she was going to get Cyran, he wouldn't know what hit him. 

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