Friday, 3 May 2013

The Lighthouse; Part Two, Chapter 10: Heartbreaker

"I know but, oh I don't know anything, things are just so. . . awkward, you know? Like he used to be my best friend and now its like I cant tell him anything because is just so weird, I don't know, maybe we made the wrong decision about getting together" Kaci sighed, pacing up and down her room on the phone with Sandi who was unusually quiet. "Sandi whats wrong? You've hardly said a word" Kaci asked concerned,

"Um, nothing, its just, oh nothing, you doing much this weekend?" Sandi tried to change the subject but Kaci wasn't about to let it go that easily, "Sandi. What is it?" she said firmly, Sandi huffed, "Ugh, its just that, well, you know the other night when we were at prom, I um, I kinda saw Sam and Bella getting, close, like really close" Kaci froze, "Not kissing or anything!" Sandi rushed to continue, "But they were seriously, seriously close, I just didn't want to say anything cause I didn't want to cause trouble between you guys..." she trailed off, "Kace, are you okay?" , Kaci didn't know what to say, her mind was in a whirl, she couldn't think clearly, "Um.. yea.. Sand, I gotta go, I'll speak to you soon" she said "Wait! Kace! You sure you're okay?" Kaci could hear the concern in Sandi's voice, "Yea I'm fine" she said, trying to sound it but she really wasn't, "I'll call you later" she said. Hanging up, she sat down on her bed and picked up her English textbook trying to read but it wasn't going to happen.

 It all made sense now, she thought, after Bella had told her Sam liked her it was as though she didn't want to talk about him. Whenever Kaci brought him up, Bella changed the subject, and when she tried to talk about it with Sam, he'd shrugged it off like it was nothing. She thought that they'd maybe just had a disagreement or something and didn't want to put her in the middle, but if what Sandi was saying was true, it all made sense now. She probably regretted telling Kaci Sam liked her because she liked Sam. No, that couldn't be it. Kaci shook the thought from her head. She was meeting them later and she didn't want to be acting weird around them, they were her best friends, they wouldn't do that to her, and she would know, wouldn't she?


Kaci pulled into the parking lot of McSimnald's and switched off her engine. She pushed the thoughts racing through her mind to one side and walked around the front to meet her friends. Was it just her, or did Sam and Bella just jump apart. "Stop it Kace" she scolded herself, pasting a smile on her face she walked up to them and Sam pulled her into a hug, "Hey gorgeous" he said, kissing her cheek, "Hi" she said, her eyes never leaving Bella's face. She knew then that it was true. If looks could kill, Sam would be dead. Darlene walked up and distracted her from her thoughts "Kace, I need to talk to you" she hissed, flashing a toothy grin at Sam and Bella and dragging her away. "Wha- whats the matter with you?" Kaci's eyes were wide but deep down she knew, she knew what Darlene was about to say and she wasn't sure she wanted to hear it. Darlene started talking before she could stop her, "I think Malcolm likes me!" she squealed, "But keep it quiet! Cause I don't know for sure..." Darlene trailed off, a confused expression on her face, "Whats wrong?" She asked? "Oh nothing, Kaci reassured her, "I thought you were going to say something else that's all, I'm happy for you!" she said smiling, pulling Darlene into a hug, trying to ignore the fact that she could hear Sam whispering something as Bella tried to stifle her giggles.

She felt Darlene stiffen, "Dar, whats up?" Kaci said, stepping back, following Darlene's gaze, she turned around and couldn't believe what she saw. Sam was kissing Bella. Sam was kissing Bella. 

It was just a quick peck, no longer than half a second. They probably thought Kaci and Darlene weren't watching. Sam looked up, straight into Kaci's eyes and nearly jumped out of his skin. Kaci began to walk past him back towards her car.

"Kace, Wait!" Sam blocked her path, "No Sam, I don't want to hear it" She couldn't even look at him, never mind Bella who was standing there without a smidgen of remorse on her face, in fact, she had the cheek to look annoyed. "Kace, it was just a kiss, It didn't mean anything, she came on to me, I swear, I would never cheat on you with her-" Kaci was about to answer him but Bella interrupted, clearly annoyed by Sam's flat out denial of what was going on.

"Oh Sam, stop lying! So you would never cheat on her with me? What do you call what we've been doing for the last three weeks then? Actually, what would you call what we did after prom?" She said sarcastically, a smug expression on her face. Kaci stood there shell shocked. After prom, Sam had said he had to get home quickly but in reality, he must have gone to see Bella. Kaci felt her heart break. She couldn't believe she had been so blind.

"Three weeks? Three weeks!" Kaci exploded, "and after prom?! Are you serious!" Kaci shouted, Sam looked sheepish and then began to speak but Kaci cut him short, "No Sam, I don't want to hear it, you've  been cheating on me with her for three weeks, and you've already slept together? God I thought you were better than that, dammit it I thought I knew you better than that. Couldn't get it from me so you turned to the easiest thing going?" Bella gasped opened mouthed.

"And don't you dare act surprised, what kind of friend are you? sleeping with my boyfriend, what happened? couldn't get your own so you took mine, football team had enough? or maybe no one actually wants used goods, is that it?" she spat at Bella who stood motionless, shocked into silence by Kaci's venomous outburst. She hadn't expected this from Kaci, cry yes, shout maybe, but this? Kaci was too, well, nice, for this. Bella was about to make some sort of sarcastic reply until she saw the hatred burning in Kaci's eyes and thought better of it. She crossed her arms over her chest and huffed, turning her head away. 

"Kaci... I really am sorry" Sam said softly. Kaci laughed in disbelief, "Don't give me that, you wouldn't know what sorry was if it slapped in the face. We we're best friends Sam, best friends, I told you everything, how could you do this to me? You could have just told me you didn't want to be with me any more, we could have saved our friendship, we could have..." her voice broke and the tears began to fall. Sam instinctively reached forward to hug her, "No, don't!" she stepped back holding her hands up to stop him, "Stay away from me, please, just stay the hell away from me, you make me sick" she turned to walk towards a shocked Darlene and her car, "Kaci wait I'm sorry!" she heard Sam shout, and then she heard Bella tell him to let her go. She didn't know what hurt more, that she'd lost her boyfriend or that she'd lost her best friend, or that they were the same person. Either way, there was no going back.

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