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The Lighthouse; Part Two, Chapter 11: Moving On Up

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Like, if someone had done that to me, I don't know what I would have done, like I totally would have been, like, hysterical or som-", "Shut up Darlene, as if Kaci wants to talk about that now" Sandi scolded, shooting Kaci an apologetic glance. "What? I was just saying" Darlene muttered, annoyed Sandi had shut her up, she loved nothing more than to talk about drama.

"Uh guys, I'm gonna get going, I've gotta go to work in a few hours" Mortimer said, Sandi groaned, "Aw dude, you really gonna leave us?" Mortimer sighed, shrugging his shoulders, "Duty calls" he smiled. He squeezed Kaci's arm as he walked past her, "I'll text you later" he said. "Later Loser" Darlene called playfully as the door closed behind him, she smirked, "You know he likes you, Its like so obvious-", "Darlene, shut up, do you ever think before you open that big mouth of yours?" Sandi interrupted, "As if Kaci is really going to be thinking about another guy like that right now" she turned to Kaci, "You ready to get out of here? I cant believe its this deserted on a Saturday night, maybe we should have gone to PJ's party" she mused, "Well, Duhh?! I did say lets go there, Its only like, one of, if not the biggest social event of the year, but you were so intent on this "Let's cheer Kaci up" parade -" Darlene began, but stopped when she saw the daggers Sandi was shooting at her. "Uh, well, why don't we go to PJ's?" she asked, "You guys go, I'm gonna go home" Kaci said, "I'll come with you" Sandi said to her, "You go Darlene", "Um, are you sure?" but Darlene could hardly hide the excitement in her voice, "Yes. Go" Sandi said through clenched teeth. Darlene looked at Kaci, eyes wide. Kaci laughed, "Go Darlene, I'm not dying, go! have fun!" she said. "Oh my gosh, thank you, I'll call you I promise!" She gushed, rushing out the doors. Sandi groaned, rolling her eyes, "I am so sorry about Darlene, she just doesn't know when to shut up". Kaci laughed, and picked up her finishing it one gulp, "Lets go" she said.


"One, two three, cheeeeeeese!" Kaci and Sandi had taken so many pictures in the last hour Kaci's cheeks were starting to hurt from pulling so many faces, but it was just what she'd needed, a distraction from everything that happened in the last few weeks. It had been exactly one month since she'd split with Sam but at times it still felt like yesterday, but she suspected that was more to do with her losing her best friend rather than boyfriend. He'd never really quite felt like her boyfriend, more like a friend with benefits. But when she thought about the 'benefits' he'd received from her so called friend Bella it made her stomach turn. "Okay, okay, one more" Sandi insisted. "Un, Duex, Tres, fromage". Kaci collapsed into a fit of laughter, "Sandi, Exactly what planet are you on?", "Venus baby, Venus all the way"

"Aw, I like that one" Sandi said smiling, Kaci put her camera back into her draw and began to answer Sandi when she felt a huge "WHACKKK!" on her side, she turned around and looked at Sandi, who had a dangerous glint in her eye, she raised the pillow to hit Kaci again but Kaci ducked, grabbing a pillow from her bed, she hit Sandi as hard she could. The girls burst into fits of laughter, feathers began to fly everywhere but they didn't care how much mess they made, they just wanted to have fun.

"Okay, okay stop!" Kaci shouted, breathless, "I have something I want to tell you". Sandi stood, a concerned look slowly creeping across her face. "Mom and I are moving in with Cyran" Kaci said. "WHAT?! OH MY GOD! That's amazing!" Sandi cried, pulling Kaci in for a hug. "Oh Kace! I'm so happy for your mom! You too, but you know what I mean! When are you moving?", "In two weeks" Kaci said. "Hang on, I'm getting weird vibes from you? Whats up? You're not happy?" Sandi asked, 

"No, Its not that I'm not happy, I'm just, cautious you know? Don't get me wrong, Cyran's nice guy and I know he loves mom, it's just, I don't know, its strange, cause its always been just me and mom, and now there's someone else involved, like not just from the outside, everyday, living with us involved, it's just gonna take some getting used to, that's all" Kaci shrugged, a hint of a smile on her face as she climbed under her covers. "Yea, I know what you mean" Sandi said as she snuggled down into her sleeping bag, "But you'll be fine, don't worry about it, everything will be fine".


Kaci looked around her new room, it was huge compared to her old room. The whole house was huge compared to her old house, she was certain her old house would have fit  inside this one three times or more. She couldn't believe it when she'd seen it. Her mom had pulled into the driveway and said to Kaci that if she didn't want to move in all she had to do was say. "Mom don't be silly, I'd tell you if I didn't" she'd replied, leaning across the car and giving her mom a hug. She hadn't told her how she really felt, scared, uncertain, she didn't want to worry her but she knew her mom knew. She knew her too well, "It'll be fine honey" she'd whispered, squeezing Kaci's hand,  "You ready?". Kaci took a deep breath and nodded. "Yep, lets go", and here she was, positive that she didn't even have enough stuff to fill the room. There was a faint knock on the door, "Come in" Kaci called, it was Cyran. 

"Hey Kaci" he said, looking nervous. "Erm, I just wanted to say that, you know, this is your home now, so I was thinking, maybe, uh, this weekend, we could decorate your room? However you like" he said, gesturing towards the walls. Kaci shuffled on her feet, "Yea, I'd like that" she mumbled. "Okay, well, we'll go to the store one day this week and get paper and paint and stuff" he stood for a second, and then turned to go, "Cyran wait!" Kaci called, "Whats wrong?" he said turning around, Kaci grabbed him in a bear hug. He went stiff for a second and Kaci thought she'd done the wrong thing but then he relaxed and hugged her back. 

Cyran, stepped back, and looked around the room. "I'm glad you're here" he said. Kaci smiled but said nothing. Cyran pointed over his shoulder and turned to go, as he reached Kaci's door, she spoke, "Cyran?", "Yea?" he answered, half turning to face her, one hand on the door handle. Kaci smiled, "Me too".


Claire heard the shower stop as she looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn't believe that she had actually taken the plunge and moved in with him. Her heart began to race as she looked in the mirror, making sure she looked okay. She'd spent forever in Simtoria Secret trying to find something just right for her, and she'd nearly given up halfway through the bikini wax she'd gotten at the Sharma Day Spa, but she was determined. Tonight was the night. They were going to take their relationship to the next level. She knew their situation was unique, moving in usually came after people had been intimate with each other, they'd fooled around but he'd never pushed it, never made her feel pressured in anyway and now, she knew she was ready. He wouldn't be her first, obviously, she'd had Kaci, but it sure felt like it. She'd only done it once and look at what had happened as a result. Needless to say, she was no hurry to try again. 

Her stomach was in knots, she climbed onto the bed just as he opened the door leading to their bedroom. Cyran stopped in his tracks, eyes wide, and then his face slowly broke into a smile. "Well hello there beautiful" he said climbing across the bed to Claire, she smiled shyly, pulling him closer to her. He began to kiss her, tantalizingly slowly, teasing her with his tongue, his lips reaching her collar bone, planting kisses that made her skin tingle. 

Suddenly, he stopped and looked into her eyes, a serious expression changing his features, "Are you sure?" he asked, Claire just stared back at him, confused, "Are you sure you want do this I mean?" he said, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. "Don't feel you have to, you know, there's no pressure", Claire silenced him with a kiss. "I want to" she whispered, "Honest". Cyran began to kiss her again, nibbling her lips, tracing the swell of  her breasts with his tongue, Claire began to moan softly, it was as if he knew exactly where to kiss to drive her crazy, and just when she felt like she couldn't take any more, he eased up, but never for long. She felt his hand unzipping her bra and she sat up a little so that he could take it off of her. She gasped as the tip of his tongue found her nipple, it had never been like this with Jared, no tender caresses, or loving embraces, Jared had only been thinking of himself. She gasped again, louder this time, and then bit her lip to keep quiet, she didn't want to wake Kaci, even though she knew it would be hard, she was the other side of the huge hallway. Cyran was slowly making his way down her body, leaving a tingly trail everywhere his lips touched. "Cy, Cyr, Cyran, what are you doing?" she said trying to catch her breath as he gently kissed the inside of her thighs, "Shh" he whispered, "Just relax, trust me". Claire closed her eyes as Cyran sent her into oblivion, a beautiful paradise like no other, it was a high she didn't want to come down from, her mind was not her own and neither was her body as she involuntarily moved with him, her back arching so high she felt it might break, her senses were heightened, it was a though she could feel every thread in the sheets she had intertwined beneath her finger tips. Before she knew what happening, Cyran was above her, looking down into her eyes, a smile behind his twinkling eyes. He lowered his mouth to ear and nibbled on her earlobe, making her body shiver. "I love you" he whispered, Claire's breath caught in her throat, her lips formed the words before her mind could catch up, "I love you too" she said, as Cyran took her to back to paradise all over again.

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