Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Lighthouse; Part Two, Chapter 12: One Step At A Time (End of Part Two)

Kaci groaned, She'd been attempting to start her essay for the last half an hour but she just couldn't get a grip. Everything She'd written so far, she'd re-read and classed as trash, throwing it away. "Whats wrong with you?" she muttered to herself. Eventually  she gave up, choosing to stare out of her window at the beach.

She couldn't believe how much her life had changed, how different it was than she'd ever expected. But she was okay with that. It was still taking some getting used to, but she liked it this way. Snapping herself out of her daydream, she grabbed her Science textbook and decided that if she wasn't going to write anything, she could at least read.

Stepping out of her room, onto the balcony, Kaci's eyes began to adjust to the bright sun light. The sun was warm but there was a beautiful breeze cooling everything it touched. Kaci looked over at the lighthouse and felt all her worries begin to melt away. She closed her eyes not wanting to forget this feeling of complete calm. Opening them a few minutes later, she smiled to herself. She couldn't remember what she'd been so worried about to begin with. Everything would be okay, she just knew it.


"Who's this one?" Kaci asked. She was laying on the floor looking through Cyran's old photo albums, He leaned forward to take a look, "Ah, that, is me" he said, the look on Kaci's face said it all, "What?!"  he exclaimed, "Tartan was cool when I was your age" he protested. Kaci smirked, "Yea right", and then ducked to dodge the pillow he'd aimed at her head. "Now, now, no fighting children" Claire mocked as Cyran leaned down to kiss her forehead. Kaci smiled to herself and went back to looking at the photo album. She was so glad her mom was happy, she truly deserved at after all the crap she'd had to put up with from Kaci's own dad. Cyran couldn't have come along at a better time. 

"I'm going to bed" Kaci announced, closing the photo album and putting it back on the shelf, "See you guys in the morning" she yawned. Cyran and Claire both said goodnight back, Kaci laughed to herself as she climbed the stairs, they'd only been living together for two minutes and  she could already hear them arguing over the remote.

   She had a shower and was about to get into bed when her phone rang. It was Mortimer. They'd always been friends, but never close, well not as close as she was with some of her other friends, that was mainly because of Sam.
   As far back as she could remember, Mortimer and Sam had just never gotten along, always making rude comments about each other but passing them off as a joke. When she'd broken up with Sam, he'd made more of an effort with her, and she'd realized what a nice guy he was. She never felt under pressure to be anyone else around him, even though he was one of the coolest kids in their grade. Her heart fluttered a little in her chest as she answered the phone.
   "Hey M, whats up?" she said, trying to sound normal, "Oh nothing, you just crossed my mind so I thought I'd give you a call, see how you're doing and stuff", "I'm good" Kaci replied, "What are you up to? You busy?" Mortimer asked, "No, no, just getting ready for bed" she said yawning loudly, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" she apologized but she could hear Mortimer laughing. "That's okay, want me to let you go to sleep?". "No it's fine, so, what did you want to talk about?" Kaci asked him, shaking herself awake.

By the time Kaci hung up, it was one o'clock in the morning and she was exhausted, she had to be up in five hours, but she fell asleep with a smile on her face. The lack of sleep was definitely worth it.


"So I... was thinking..." Claire said breathlessly to Cyran, "Maybe... we could... go get Kaci's... stuff for her room... later?" She was exercising in the living room and he had decided to join her.
"Yea.. that'd be good" he said trying not to sound out of breath. He'd been teasing her all morning about the DVD's she used, saying they were too easy, when in all honesty, they were harder than the workouts he did at the gym, only, he'd found this out he hard way. 

"Great" Claire said, "Cy, does the screen look funny to you? Almost like its blurred or something?" she asked, "Nope, looks great from were I'm standing, I've got an even better view of yo-, uh, I mean, it" he said quickly backtracking.

 Claire laughed out loud, "Oh behave, your so bad!" she scolded him, "Oh really?" he said, raising one eyebrow, his face changing into a devilish grin "Well then let me show you just how bad I can be..."


Sandi and Darlene looked at each other, eyebrows raised, mouths smirking, "So who, was that?" Sandi asked, her eyes ablaze with intrigue. Kaci flopped down onto the sofa, "No one" she said, but her face gave her away. Darlene crossed her legs, never taking her eyes off of the t.v. "If that was no one, then I, my darling, am Marilyn Monroe, now, we all know I'm close, not there yet, but close" she said, adjusting her bra and flicking her hair, a satisfied smirk on her face.

 Sandi and Kaci burst out laughing, "Oh will you just shut up" Sandi said, pretending to throw up as Kaci wiped tears from her eyes. "If you must know, it was Mortimer" Kaci said as though it was nothing. Darlene practically jumped into her lap and Sandi's eyes had taken the appearance of two round space ships, "Ooo, do tell" Sandi nudged her. 
  Kaci told them most of if, leaving out the fact that they'd been on the phone until at least one in the morning two nights in a row, and that he was coming over next week to hang out with her, but that was only because she didn't want to tell Darlene, she knew she could trust Sandi, but Darlene was another story, she meant well, but it would be all around school by morning if she told her that. 
  Sandi looked at Kaci, her eyes speaking for her, Theres more, they said, "Tell you later" Kaci mouthed. Sandi grinned and turned her attention back to the television, "Darl, change the channel" she said, "We are not watching Legally Blonde... again!" 


"So if pie is 3.141, then X is...", "...25!" Kaci finished. Cyran had been helping her with her homework for the last half an hour, she'd been struggling but he'd put it all into perspective and it took him 10 minutes for him to get her to understand something her maths teacher couldn't in an hour. 

"Your mom and I went to the store and got the paper and paints you chose for your room, still want to decorate tomorrow?" Cyran asked, "Sure do" Kaci smiled, checking over her homework. Cyran began to fidget, Kaci knew something was up but she didn't push it. They were still getting used to living together.
Cyran began to talk, "Look I don't know how to say this, so I'm just gonna come out and say it. I know that you've had a pretty crappy relationship with your dad, and I'm not trying to replace him and be a 'better' one" he rushed, "but I just want you to know that if you ever need anything, all you have to do is ask, okay? Doesn't matter what it is, we're a family now, and I'm here for you, I genuinely mean that". He breathed out heavily, "Wooh, that was intense" he laughed rubbing his chin, Kaci joined in.

"Thanks Cyran, that means a lot" Kaci smiled, Cyran stood up and stretch, "Anytime, and call me Cy".


Saturday came, and Kaci hopped out of bed bright and early. She wanted to get started on her room as soon as possible. Half an hour later, she'd manage to rouse Cyran and her mother and assemble them in her room. She'd already planned out who was doing what and where, what time they were having a break and when they were 'switching jobs'. Claire had to nudge Cyran in the ribs to stop him laughing, even though she herself wanted to, and she pretended to cough when Cyran silently saluted Kaci behind her back. As usual, Kaci was completely oblivious.
"You ready?!" she said to Cyran, catching him off guard, Claire pretended to look at something interesting through the balcony doors. "As I'll ever be" he nodded enthusiastically. "Good, lets move!"

They managed to get her room finished in four hours. Cyran stood looking around, pleased with their efforts, Kaci gave them both a big hug, "Thank you sooo much! I love it!" she gushed excitedly, Her mom looked at Cyran and smiled conspiratorially, "Well. . . that's not all" she said slowly, "Cyran's got a surprise for you"

Kaci looked at her, confused, she turned to face Cyran but he just smiled, and said "Come with me..."

Claire stood, biting her finger to keep from squealing in excitement, she just knew Kaci would go crazy.
"And stop, ah ah! no peeking!" Cyran scolded, "Okay, you can open your eyes now"

Kaci slowly opened her eyes, and it took a while for them to adjust to the sunlight, but when they had, she could not believe what she was seeing.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed, "Are you serious?!"  In front of her was a brand new Audi convertible with its own personalized license plate spelling, "KAC1" 

  "That's mine? Like really? This isn't a joke?" she asked choking back happy tears, "Nope" Cyran shook his head, "Its all yours" he smiled. 
   "An AUDI, my first car?! I'm not complaining, trust me, I'm not, but an Audi? This must have cost sooo much!" Cyran shrugged, "You can't take it with you, might as well spend it while your living".
   Kaci launched herself at him and gripped him a bear hug, "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" she yelled and then grabbed her mom in a bear hug too. 

"Oh My God! I've got to call Sandi and Darl, and ..." She walked off a little a pulled out her cell. Claire took the opportunity to give Cyran a quick kiss, "Thank you" she said, "For what he asked", "For making my little girl so happy" she smiled. "Yea, well, she's our not so little girl now" he laughed, "I just want her to have the best you know?" Claire nodded, tears streaming down her face. "Oh baby, don't cry" Cyran said wiping her tears, "They're happy tears" she laughed. "Promise?" he asked, Claire nodded, "Promise". 

"You've reached the lonely hearts hotline, tell me your desires and I'll make them all come true" Sandi purred, "Sandi Behave! You will never guess what Cyran has just bought for me...". Claire laughed as she passed Kaci, she could hear Sandi screaming from the other side of the phone.


"So that's two cheeseburgers, two large fries, two large cokes, two ice cream sundaes, one strawberry, one toffee?" the guy behind the counter at McSimnalds asked, "Yes that's right" Kaci said and gave him the money for their order. 

"Oh my god, Kace, Jealous is not the word, I am so marrying a rich guy so he can buy me stuff like that" Darlene groaned, "Oh My gosh Darlene, do you know how shallow you sound right now?!" Kaci laughed shaking her head, but nothing shocked her with Darlene anymore, Darlene was, well, Darlene. "Can I drive it?! Pretty Pretty Please!" she begged. "NO WAY!" Kaci said, picking up their food, "Lets go". She laughed as Darlene flounced out of the doors towards her car.


It had been a long day, Claire and Cyran had been in bed for about an hour talking about anything and everything. but mainly Kaci and how happy she was with her new gift.  Claire could feel the steady beating of Cyran's heart beneath her hand, she snuggled up closer to him. 

"You okay baby?" he said, keeping his eyes closed as he stroked her arm with his fingertips. "I'm fine, I was just thinking, you have been so amazing to us, Kaci and I, and I don't know what I could ever do to say thank-" she began but Cyran cut her off, the tone of his voice hard, his relaxed formerly relaxed frame now stiff and unyielding. "Claire, don't you ever feel like you have to thank me for anything, whatever I have is yours, you know that, I don't want thank you's, I just want you to be happy, both of you, okay?" he said, realizing how harsh he must have sounded, he poked Claire softly in her side. Claire began to laugh involuntarily, "Yes dad" she said, mocking the stern tone of his voice. In one swift move, Cyran turned her over so he was on top of her, pinning both of her hands above her head "Ooh, call me daddy and I'll give you anything you want"


"Wow, Kaci, you look, amazing, " Mortimer said, a huge smile on his face making Kaci blush like crazy. "Thanks" she said, "So, are you ready?" he asked, bending his arm for her to hold, She nodded, and hooked her arm in his. 

Fifteen minutes later they pulled up outside school, Mortimer walked ahead to hold the door open for her. 
"Slept with him yet?" she heard someone say, in a low,  derogatory tone into her ear.

 Turning slightly she saw Sam, a nasty smirk on his face, she was too shocked to answer him. He pushed past her and through the door Mortimer had been holding open for her, "Have fun...", he winked at him.
Mortimer looked at Kaci, frozen where she was, "What was that abou- Kace are you okay?" Mortimer said, walking towards her. "Yea, I'm fine" she said, forcing a smile, "Lets go have a good time.


Claire heard the door close and whispered to Cyran that she was going downstairs to see Kaci. "Hey sweetie, how did it go?" she said softly. "Great, Mom I had such a good time" she filled her in on everything except Sams snide remark at the start of the dance, or the way she'd felt his eyes burning into her as she'd danced with Mortimer. 

"I'm glad you had such a good time sweetie, Mortimer seems like a good guy" her mom said. 
"He is... night mom", Kaci smiled, "Night honey" Claire replied. When she sank into bed, Cyran pulled her into her arms,  "She okay?" he mumbled. "She's fine" Claire replied, smiling as she drifted into sleep.


Kaci showered and put the picture she'd gotten of her and Mortimer at the dance in the frame on her desk. Looking out of the window towards the beach, the light from the lighthouse caught her attention, hypnotizing her as it slowly rotated across the rocks, casting an mysterious glow over the sea beyond. Kaci found it comforting, she stood there for a few minutes, captivated by it, by the way it made even the most darkest of places seem less frightening. She'd tried not to let what Sam had said to her bother her, but now she was alone it was all she could think about.

Why would he say that to her? She wouldn't sleep with him and she'd been with him for months, why would she sleep with Mortimer when they weren't even together? To be honest, she didn't actually know what they were, but Sam obviously assumed that they were together, and then he'd said to Mortimer 'have fun' as if he knew what was going to happen. Maybe Mortimer thought she was easy? Her breathing began to quicken and her stomach dropped, but she quickly pushed the thought from her mind, Mortimer wasn't like that. Sam was just playing stupid mind games, probably because he was jealous. Yea, that was it, he was jealous, just trying to ruin whatever this thing was between her and Mortimer. Kaci pushed her comforter back and sank into her pillows. Before she knew what hit her, she was asleep, dreaming about Mortimer, stolen kisses, and the lighthouse.


  1. Aww, things seem to be travelling nicely in their household now. Great to see Claire & Cyran hooked up. He's a bit of a cutie. ;)

    Life as a teen, hey. Kaci is experiencing just that and boys, they can be so much trouble too. lol Or was that jealous from Mortimer?

    Have to say I'm tickled pink that your using one of my lots in your story! I hope it's worked alright for your simmies! :)

  2. Hey Jennifer, Just seen all of your comments, thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. I really appreciate it! Glad your enjoying it too :) xo