Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Lighthouse; Part Two, Chapter 9: Starting Over

"Well, I'm gonna take a shower and go to bed, g'night" Kaci yawned, Claire and Cyran said goodnight back. They heard the bathroom door click and a few seconds later the shower started to run. They sat in silence except for the hum of the show on t.v. Claire didn't quite know what to say. She wasn't sure what exactly was going on between them, she wanted more but she wasn't entirely sure he felt the same. Ever since Kaci's party he'd come over to see her and they'd spent hours sitting on the front porch, until the sun went down, staring out at the sea, talking about anything and everything, she'd told him all about her tiny family back in the Appaloosa trailer park, about her missing brother, alcoholic father and uncaring mother and he'd listened like his life depended on it, never interrupting once. Even thought it made Claire feel closer to him, it also made her realize how far apart they really were. She knew nothing about his past. He was so closed off, so guarded. She suspected he'd been hurt before, but despite all this, he was still so easy to talk to and he seemed to really like Kaci, she was cautious but that was understandable, her dad hadn't exactly set the best example. Cyran slowly got up from the chair and ran his hand across the back of his neck. He'd been working long hours at the science facility and it was beginning to take its toll on him. "So, I'm, uh, gonna go" he said gesturing towards to door. Claire got up to follow him towards to door. Cyran stopped abruptly and Claire nearly bumped into him, "Whats wrong?" she asked confused, he turned to face her, a smile creeping onto his lips, "What is it?" she asked, "Have I got something on my face?" she said, her cheeks turning a slight shade of pink. "No" he said, the smile never leaving his lips as held her hand and pulled her towards him, gently raising her face to his, his lips barely touching hers.

Claire didn't respond at first, her body had frozen in shock, until instinct kicked in and she kissed him back. . His kisses made her knees weak and she felt her legs about to go until he grabbed her and held up her up, his lips caressing hers slowly but with increasing passion.

No one had ever held her like that let alone kissed her that way. Her heart was pounding so hard in her chest she was sure Cyran could hear it. Granted, she'd only ever kissed two people, Jared and now Cyran but she was positive no one else would ever make her feel like she felt at that moment again. It took Claire a few seconds to realize he had stopped kissing her, when she opened her eyes, he had that same half smile on his lips, his eyes lit up with amusement again. Claire blushed an even deeper shade of red. She could still feel his lips on hers, his hand on her arm, his fingers caressing the curve of her back. He brushed her hair behind her ear as he kissed her again softly on the lips, promising to call her, and before Claire knew it, he was gone. She had to pinch herself to make sure she hadn't imagined what had just happened. Her heart beat was slowly returning to normal but her skin wouldn't stop tingling. She locked the door and began to walk unsteadily up the stairs, her legs still felt like jelly but she couldn't stop the smile that began to creep onto her face or the excitement in her heart.


Kaci crashed out on her bed, she'd been trying to re-write her English essay again but failed miserably. It wasn't that she couldn't do it, she just couldn't concentrate. As Sam was on the football team, he'd been invited to the senior's prom and told he could bring friends so he'd asked all their friends to go as a group date so no one felt left out. Kaci had won the crown for 'most popular' which surprised her as she was only a Junior, she didn't even think the seniors knew who she was. Apparently, Sam told them he was bringing her and they'd added her name to the poll at the last minute without telling their teachers. Needless to say everyone was shocked on the night but she got the loudest cheer of all, along with a few mean looks from some unimpressed senior girls. Kaci didn't let it phase her. She'd had an amazing night and at the end of it when Sam had kissed her it had felt so right, but since then things had been odd. He hadn't called her all week, she tried to brush off the feeling that something was wrong but she couldn't shake it. She also couldn't shake the feeling that she wasn't quite getting the full picture, that there was something else going on with him, she just couldn't figure out what. She groaned as her alarm went off. It felt like she'd literally just closed her eyes. Dragging herself out of bed she stretched, had a quick shower and got ready to go to her ballet lesson before school.


"Stretch those fingers! Point those toes!" her instructor yelled in time to the beat. "non non non vous devez étendre par la jambe lorsque vous exécutez une jete!" she began to speak in french, it was a good job Kaci understood a little french. She stopped, exhaled slowly, and performed the jump again, "c'est parfait! belle exécution!"

Kaci had sailed through the jump once she'd cleared everything from her mind, as usual, if her mind was clear, it showed in her dancing. Kaci began the piece again from the top, flying through it without a hitch. Her instructor rushed off and Kaci still had an hour before school. She put her favourite song on and began to dance.

Closing her eyes, she let the music move her wherever it wanted to go,

Her phone began to ring and she saw she had five missed calls, "Kaci! where are you?" Sandi hissed, "I told Miss McClennon you had a doctors appointment but I cant hold her off much long- shit, gotta go!" and the phone cut off. Kaci looked at the time and flew into a panic, she didn't even have time to shower, at least she had gym and could shower afterwards, grabbing her things she took the stairs two at a time and ran across the road to school, just praying they hadn't called her mother.


Claire was outside tending to the garden when her phone rang, the voice on the other end immediately made her smile. "Hey beautiful" Cyran said, "Do you have plans tonight? I'd like to take you out, if your not doing anything?" Claire blushed at him calling her beautiful and by the hint of a smile in his voice, she was certain he knew the effect he had on her. "I'm not doing anything" she said shyly, "Good, I'll pick you up at 7, wear something nice" they said their goodbyes and hung up. Claire ran inside and up the stairs to her room like a school girl going on her first date, which technically was true. This was her first real date. Seeing nothing remotely interesting in her closet she drove to the mall intent on finding the perfect dress.


Claire spent hours getting ready. The dress she'd eventually bought had seemed like a good idea at the time but now she felt exposed, she hoped it wasn't too much. She could have kicked herself for listening to the sales assistant in the store. Claire had picked up a nice black dress, but the sales assistant had soon put an end to that, picking a dress that "highlighted her curves in all the right places".  She was just about to go upstairs and change when her phone rang and Cyran said he was outside. She was so glad Kaci was at a sleepover, she didn't know how she'd explain what she was wearing let alone that she was going on a serious date. Taking a deep breath, she stepped outside and into the warm night air. 


Cyran didn't say much on the drive the restaurant but Claire could see him stealing glances at her as he drove. "Is it too much?" Claire asked at the same time he said "Claire you look beautiful". The both laughed and Claire smiled shyly, his laugh filling her with a warm fuzzy feeling. "No its not too much and you look absolutely amazing" he said genuinely as they pulled into the parking lot. Claire looked up at where they were and her eyes opened wide, "Your taking me here? but its so expensive!" she began, "Claire, don't worry about it, this is on me" Cyran smiled, jumping out of the car and running around to her side to open the door, Bending his arm slightly he smiled and asked "Shall we?"


The conversation flowed easily over dinner, Cyran explained his job as a Scientist at the Landgraab Industries Science Facility. Claire was fascinated by it and what it entailed, and asked him non stop questions, eventually he stopped talking and just sat staring at her. Claire looked down, wiping her mouth, she asked him what was wrong. He smiled that funny smile of his, "Nothing, your just, amazing, I've never met anyone so interested in what I do that's all" he said, holding her hand, "Shall we get out of here?" he asked motioning for the waiter.


They went to the beach, taking off their shoes and tiptoeing across the sand. He held her tightly as they stared out across the water towards the light house. His lips rubbing lightly across her neck making her shiver. The light from the lighthouse illuminated them and the endless dark blue sea in front of them. It had always made Claire feel safe but being there, with Cyran, made it all the more real, as though she was invincible. She had never felt more protected than she did at that moment and it was then that she knew that she never wanted him to let her go.

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