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The Lighthouse; Part 3, Chapter 2: Something More

"Yea, that would be gr8, c u saturday x" Kaci typed back to Mortimer. She could barely contain her excitement but she knew she had to play it cool. He had just asked her out on 'date'. It was more like a, lets see where this goes, type of thing but non the less she couldn't wait.

"Will you two get off your laptops already? You've been glued to those screens ever since you came home" Claire sighed. Cyran looked at Kaci and gave her a conspirators wink. "Yes babe, we're done now" he replied. "Good, because dinners ready" Claire said as she dished up the food.


After dinner, Kaci excused herself and holed up in her room, trying to do her homework for her English class. She couldn't concentrate, all she could think about was Saturday and meeting Mortimer. That and the party her mom and Cyran were throwing on Friday. They'd told her she could invite her friends and the first person that popped into her head was him. Kaci began to daydream about the party and Saturday, her mind wandering off at the pace of cheetah, suddenly she snapped herself out of it. "Kace, will you get a grip! this homework isn't gonna do itself". Sighing, she began to write.


"So, is Mort coming or what?" Darlene squealed excitedly, "Oh My Gosh Darlene! Will you keep your voice down!" Kaci hissed, "Yes, he's coming, he text me about ten minutes ago saying he's on his way". It was the night of the party, the week had flown by so fast Kaci didn't have time to really digest what was going on. Which was why she had the worst butterflies in the world now.

 Darlene looked past her towards the door leading to their kitchen. "Talk of the devil and he sure enough shows up" she smirked, "Ooh" she winced, "You might wanna get over there, I think Cyran's giving him the once over" she laughed. Kaci's eyes went wide as she quickly turned on her heel and made a beeline for the door.

"So. I hear you want to date Kaci" Cyran said, not a hint of a smile on his face. "Ughh, well, we, uhhh, we want to, uhh, see how it goes.. Uh Sir!?" Mortimers voice raised at least three octaves as he finished his sentance. Cyran's handshake had turned into a death grip. "Wise decision young man" Cyran nodded, patting Mortimer on the back and almost sending the poor boy flying. Mortimer managed a weak smile as he tried not to grimace. "Uh, thank you CY!" Kaci said, grabbing Cyran and pulling him to a hug, "Scare him off why don't you!" she hissed, the smile never leaving her face. "Just doing my job" he hissed back, the smile never leaving his either.

 He smirked and walked over to join Claire, she was talking with Nancy, who had a very fake, very uncomfortable smile plastered on her face. Something was definitely wrong in the Landgraab household. He made a mental note to ask Geoffrey if everything was okay at some point.

"Are you okay?" Claire mouthed, acutely aware the Geoffrey had one ear tuned into their conversation. Nancy closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, "Nothing a little vodka won't fix" she said, smiling devilishly at Geoffrey as she walked over to drinks bar.

"I'm so sorry about Cyran" Kaci gushed, "I don't know what came over him" she apologized, turning to look at Cyran, who was looking straight at them, a maniacal grin on his face. She might have laughed if she wasn't so annoyed. He was doing the typical 'dad' thing. It was sweet really, just not when it involved Mortimer. "Its fine, don't worry about it" Mortimer smiled, shaking his head. They talked for a few more minutes before Mortimer looked behind her and stifled a laugh, he lowered his voice. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say someone spiked Sandi's drink. But I do know better, and knowing Sandi, she probably did it herself". Kaci looked confused, "Huh, wha-" she said, turning around so she could see what he saw. Sandi was dancing, with the wall. They both collapsed into a fit of giggles. "Video her! Quick! She is gonna have one hell of a hangover in the morning" she said as they both collapsed into a fit of laughter again.

Eventually the party wrapped up and everyone said their goodbyes. "Bye Grandma!" Kaci called as Buster and Bessie pulled away from the curb. Mortimer had left not long after they'd discovered Sandi dancing with the wall, offering to take her home when she began talking to it. They were never gonna let her live that down. 


"Come on, don't be such a fraidy cat" Kaci teased, "Fraidy cat? no chance, I would just like to keep my pants a little bit dry, you know?" Mortimer replied sarcastically, a smile on his face. It was Saturday, the day of their unofficial date. Kaci's stomach had been in knots all morning but as soon as she'd seen him at the end of her driveway they'd evaporated. Now, she'd taken off her leggings and shoes and was trying to persuade him to go wading with her. He was having non it. 

"Ahhh!" he squealed like a girl. "What was it?!" Kaci gasped, thinking maybe he'd been nipped by a crab or something. "The waters cold! Why didn't you warn me! Are you crazy?!" he protested. Kaci stood, staring at him for five or so second before she burst out laughing, "Is that all!" she said wiping tears from her eyes. "Is that all? Is that all?!  In case you hadn't noticed, Pneumonia is not cute!" he sulked but he couldn't stop a smile from forming on his lips, "I'm being a big girl aren't I?" he smirked, "Just a little" Kaci laughed.
Eventually they sat down, Kaci lay in his lap, their fingers intertwined as they stared out towards the sea, their feet growing accustomed to cool water as they let it gently lap over their feet.

"You ever wonder what's out there? Like, if there more to life than this? Than the valley?" Mortimer asked, Kaci could tell by the tone of his voice that he was mesmerized by the sea. "Sometimes" she said, "But most of the time, no. I'm happy where I am, with the way things are, life's good, you know?" she felt Mortimer's hands gently grab either side of her face as he turned her head slightly to look at him.

"I know" he smiled, brushing the tip of her nose with his finger. Suddenly his face became serious and got up, pulling Kaci up with him. Kaci's heart began to race as he drew her even closer to him. She could hear the waves crashing against the rocks around her, the seagulls squawking over head, feel the sun beating down on her back. The breeze gently carried the smell of the salty sea water up to her nose. It was as if a darkness she didn't know she had been carrying had been lifted as he pulled her closer still, and their lips met. His skin was so soft, Kaci felt she might melt into it. She'd never been kissed like this, by anyone. Her heart dropped a little when he began to pull away. She never wanted it to end.

She pulled him in again, wrapping her arms around him and she smiled when he instinctively responded, his kisses steadily growing bolder, as he softly caressed her lips with his.

Eventually they came up for air, "So does this mean..." Kaci trailed off, suddenly shy. "Kaci Monroe Ursine, would you like to be my girlfriend?" he asked, his boyish grin melting her heart, "Yes!" she squealed, any chance of keeping her composure flew away with the summer breeze. 

Kaci put her leggings and converse on while Mortimer laced up his sneakers. "So, I'll um, see you at school?" Kaci asked, "Of course you will, but I'll call you tonight" he kissed her again before turning and making his way up the beach towards his car so he could drive to work. He passed Darlene on the way, Kaci had arranged to meet her  and Sandi earlier that morning, but Sandi had flat out refused, something about a "raging headache". Kaci had made all the right noises of sympathy but was dying laughing inside. "Darlene" he deadpanned, never taking his eyes off of his car. "Morty" she teased, a hint of naughtiness in her voice.  As soon they passed each other, she practically ran down the sand towards Kaci. 

"Sooo, did I see what I think I just saw?" she asked, her eyebrow raised, eye's reflecting a devilish glint.
"I guess you did" Kaci sighed dreamily, as Mortimer honked his horn and drove away, the warm fuzzy feeling in her chest growing stronger by the second. She smiled, remembering what had just happened.

"I guess you did"

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