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The Lighthouse; Part 3, Chapter 5: A Clean Slate (End of Part Three)

Claire stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom trying to control the nerves in her stomach and the tears that threatened to overflow and ruin the beautiful make up on her face. She'd hardly recognized herself when the make up artist was done. The woman staring back at her was breathtakingly beautiful. Claire didn't know who she was. Sometimes she felt like she was living someone else's life, like she was going to wake up one day and be told her time was up. Things like this didn't happen to girls like her. She was just a girl from a small trailer park in Appaloosa Plains. Now here she was in Sunset Valley, living basically on the beach in an amazing house, where money was never ever going to be an issue and about to marry the man of her dreams. It didn't seem real. There was a faint knock at the door. Claire smiled at the sound of her daughters voice. Kaci sounded more nervous than Claire felt. "Mom? The Limousine is outside" she said, pushing the door open slightly and peeking around it. "Okay sweetie, come in".

Kaci gasped as she saw her mom clearly for the first time. "Mom, you look absolutely beautiful!" she gushed, grabbing her for a big squeeze. Claire smiled at her daughter, she was so proud of her. "So do you sweetie" she said, tucking a stray hair behind her ear. "You ready?" Kaci asked, putting her arm out for her mom to hold. Claire took one last look around her room. The next time she saw this room she would officially be Mrs Cyran Sword. She took a deep breath and smiled as she linked her arm through Kaci's, "As I'll ever be".


"Okay mom, Grandpa's coming now, you ready?" Kaci whispered, a huge grin on her face. She kissed her quickly and took her place ready to walk up the aisle as a flower girl. Claire closed her eyes and tried to let it all sink in but it just wouldn't. She was getting married. Oh how times had changed.

When she opened her eyes again, Buster was at her side, unable to speak, the expression on his face bursting with pride. Kaci was at the top of the aisle, and there with his back to her, adjusting his sleeves, was the man of her dreams. The wedding march began to play and Cyran turned around and looked straight into her in eyes. His face fell into a blissful smile and at that moment all of Claire's nerves melted away. He was all she could see. She looked up at Buster, and he nodded, tears in his eyes as he began to walk with her.

Claire hardly noticed any one in the pews either side of her, it felt like time had stopped until she eventually reached the top of the aisle and Buster had gently taken her hand and placed in Cyrans, a tear falling down his cheek as he did so. Cyran squeezed her hand as they stood facing each other. "You look beautiful" he whispered, he was smiling so hard he felt his face might break. "Thank you" Claire mouthed back, looking shyly at the floor. He lifted her chin and she met his gaze as the Vicar began to speak.

".... with this ring, I give to you, a token of my love, and promise, that I, will honor, cherish and love you from now until the end of time". She finished saying her vows as she shakily slipped the ring on Cyran's finger. There'd been a bit of a hiccup as Geoffrey had forgotten where he'd put them only to be reminded that they were in his jacket pocket, which would have been fine, if he hadn't pulled out a flask of whisky first. Needless to say, everyone found it hilarious, and Geoffrey being Geoffrey had turned and winked at everyone in the packed church. Cyran just shook his head and laughed. He wouldn't change him for the world. "You may now kiss your bride". Cyran didn't waste any time which elicited more delighted laughter and cheers from the guests at their wedding. They had done it. They were finally Mr and Mrs Cyran Sword. His heart swelled with pride.

"We did it baby" he whispered as he gave her a quick kiss on her neck, she giggled and smiled up at him "I know" she whispered back. The guests continued to cheer long after they had stopped kissing, a euphoria settling over the building and everyone in it.

"Hey kiddo" Kaci's uncle Connor slid up next to her and putting his arm around her shoulder gave her a squeeze, "You okay?" he asked smiling. "I'm great" she replied as tears started rolling down her face.

"You sure?" he asked concerned. Kaci laughed, "Yea they're happy tears Unc, promise" she said, playfully punching his arm, he grabbed her into a squeeze and kissed her forehead. "I'm glad sweetie, I really am. So uh, when do we get to eat?" Kaci burst out laughing and punched him a little harder. He held his hands up protesting "What? hey? I'm just saying! Wheres the food?! I'm hungry already!"


"Okay, ready? 1... 2... 3... Catch!" Claire threw the bouquet over her head to the sound of a bunch of loud giggling women and some men for good measure, no sooner had the flowers left her fingers had she spun around to see who had caught it. The screams and laughter got louder and she turned to find her red faced daughter standing next to Mortimer who had the biggest grin on his face. Then she burst out laughing herself when she saw Buster slide up to one side of him, Connor behind, and Cyran the other side, "Don't even think about it buddy" Cyran whispered. The poor boy looked mortified and so did Kaci as she grabbed his hand and quickly led him to dance floor. "What?" they all said in unison looking up at Claire. "You guys are terrible" she laughed. Buster huffed and after signalling to Mortimer that he was watching him, went to join Bessie. Connor smirked, and grabbing a glass of champagne from a passing waiter, went to get some more food. Cyran just looked at her as if she was on planet Oz, but grinned, "May I have this dance..." he asked, the lights dimming as everyone made a path for them and he led her towards the dance floor. 

"... Will you still love me tomorrow..." the last few notes of Amy Winehouse' cover of the song came to an end and everyone cheered loudly as Cyran pulled Claire in for a kiss. "I love you Mrs Sword" he smiled, "I love you too Mr Sword" she answered and they kissed again. Then she heard Geoffrey saying something to DJ and shout "Party time!!!!" she laughed and shook her head. He was crazy, she was sure of it. It had been a magical day. More perfect than she could have ever dreamed and she wouldn't change a thing.


It was a month after the wedding. Kaci sat in her living room, looking at the framed wedding pictures on the wall. They were beautiful and made her smile every time she looked at them. It made her smile to think that she and her mom were entering new phases of their life at the same time. In less than a month she would be starting University and moving out of her mom and Cyran's house into a house with her friends. She would be an adult with real responsibilities. And another thing, Mortimer would be moving in too. The idea both tantalized and terrified her. She wondered if they would finally take the next step in their relationship, after all, everyone said actually living together either made or broke a relationship. She hoped it wouldn't be the latter. But she didn't know why he would want to leave home when his dad was a famous rock star and he had anything and everything he wanted at his beck and call. His mansion had been featured on SIMS Cribs multiple times. He said it was because he wanted a 'normal' life. She suspected it was more than that but she didn't push it. Not yet. Her thought drifted to another topic, it was her birthday. She was just having a quiet day with her mom and Cyran, she didn't want to do anything big, even though Sandi had put up a very good argument for it, something about the last time they can blow all their money and not regret it. Kaci had humored her for a while but stuck to her guns. She wanted to spend her last birthday living in her mom and Cyrans house with them. The doorbell rang, distracting her from her thoughts. 

"Hey baby, I'm not staying, I know you wanted to spend your birthday with your mom and Cyran. I just wanted to see you and say Happy Birthday," Mortimer said quickly as she opened the door. Her face lit up and she threw herself at him and squeezed. "Hey, whoa  whats wrong?" he asked kissing her forehead. "Everything's changing" she mumbled into his chest, "In a good way, but, its still scary, you know?" she said, Mortimer could hear the worry in her voice. "Hey, don't worry, you got me, we'll be fine" he smiled into her hair, he felt her relax. 


About thirty minutes later, Mortimer left and Claire called Kaci into the kitchen. "Oh Mom, you didn't have to!" she grinned. Her mom had baked her a birthday cake and had lit candles for Kaci to blow out. She and Cyran began to sing happy birthday to her while the cats howled along as well. Kaci laughed, as she began to think about what she would wish for while Cyran and her mom waved spinners around and blew horns.

She closed her eyes and savoring the moment, made a wish.


"Well, you ready?" her mom asked, her voice breaking, Cyran eyes were glistening too, Kaci couldn't look at them, then she really would cry. Before she could speak Cyran grabbed and pulled her into a tight squeeze. "Promise you'll call as soon as you get there" he said, "I'm gonna miss you kiddo" he said, his voice breaking.

He turned away quickly and tried to hide the tears as he brushed them away. "I promise I'll call" Kaci choked and she didn't even try to hide the tears making their way down her cheeks.Her mom didn't speak, she couldn't, just smiled an nodded. She was happy but also fuming. Bessie and Buster had come over earlier to say goodbye to Kaci along with Connor but her deadbeat excuse of a dad couldn't even be bothered to come with them. Just to say goodbye. Kaci hadn't appeared to seem bothered, Claire on the other hand, had been so angry, she was ready to march over to his house and give him a piece of her mind but Cyran had made her see sense. It was his loss he'd said, he'd realize it soon enough. She couldn't believe her baby was grown up, actually an adult and going out into the world on her own. She was excited and terrified for her. She tried not to think the worst but she couldn't help it. She was a mother. That's what mothers did. She was happy that she had Sandi and Mortimer with her though, Sandi was a good friend and Mortimer really seemed like her loved her, so that comforted her some.

Before Claire knew it, the taxi pulled up outside and Kaci was inside it, crying her eyes out but smiling through her tears. "Make sure you call us! Be safe sweetie! I Love you!" she called as the taxi pulled slowly away from the curb. Kaci climbed up on her knees and waved until the taxi turned the corner, and then, she was gone. Cyran pulled Claire into a long hug, "She's a smart girl, she'll be fine" he sniffed. Claire couldn't answer him, she couldn't speak but she knew he was right. Her daughter was a smart girl. She would be fine, and in her heart she knew that it was true.


"Miss we're here", the taxi driver had gently nudged her awake, a kind smile on his old weathered face. Kaci must have dozed off on the drive to her new house. "Oh, thank you" she sat up quickly, and tried to pay him but he refused shaking his head. Kaci was shocked, the fare was more than a hundred simoleons. "No, you keep it" he smiled, pushing the notes back into her hand. "I remember just starting out, you keep it, you'll need it, and Miss?" he called as she gratefully got out of the taxi, "Don't worry, you'll be fine". Kaci watched until his rear lights where just dots in the distance. His kind words had touched her. The house was still in darkness. It looked like she was the first one there. She grabbed her bags, and using her key, opened the door to her new home.

She called her mom and Cyran to let them know she'd arrived safely.They breathed the biggest sigh of relief she'd ever heard and they'd all ended up laughing. She promised to call them on the weekend but said she'd email them every day. 


Sandi was the last one to turn up, as usual. It was her birthday and they all celebrated, singing her happy birthday as she aged up into a young adult.

No one wanted to address the elephant in the room. Sam. He'd gone through the kitchen into the back garden and they'd all huddled around whispering about how he was living with them. They'd seen him around since high school had finished and he'd never said a word. But he wouldn't. That was Sam, sly and sneaky. No one knew how he'd managed to move in with them. But Mortimer was almost certain his dad was the silent owner of the Housing company that they had used to rent the house. It had been awkward but sure enough, his name was there on the lease. They were stuck with him. 

"So Yeah, who's unpacking all this stuff, not me! Hey where's my bedroom?" Sandi said as she ran upstairs and everyone held their breath tittering as she eventually found her room. Then came the explosion and everyone burst out laughing. "WHAT! The BOX room! Are you kidding me! No freaking way! I know its first come first served but really guys? Really!? Ughhh!


A little while later, Kaci looked around the room at everyone, Sandi was still upstairs, music blasting as she "revamped" her room. Malcolm was talking to Darlene, it was beyond obvious she liked him but he seemed not notice. Mortimer slid up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a hug, he whispered into her ear and she laughed. When she looked up, she caught Sam leaning against the kitchen door frame, staring at her, a smirk on his face. When he saw she noticed him, he winked, took a swig of the beer he was drinking, turned and walked back into the kitchen. She made a decision on the spot, she wasn't going to let him ruin this for her, no matter how hard she tried. This was a new beginning, a clean slate, and she intended to keep it that way.

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