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The Lighthouse; Part 4, Chapter 2: What Goes Around. . .

"I said I'm coming!" Darlene shouted agitated. Sighing, she closed her eyes and rubbed her neck with her hand. The salon was slowly sucking the life out of her. At first, she'd loved it, working on the weekends to earn a little extra money as a teen, but as she'd gotten older it had started to grate on her. This wasn't she envisioned. She'd wanted to be styling the models on the front of SimVogue by now or at least own her own chain of salons, instead the closest she got was giving Mrs Crumplebottom a blue rinse every two weeks.

She was one of the youngest employees there and she had no intention of ending up like some of the other 'stylists'. Fifty plus, still dressing like they were twenty and still as deluded about their careers as they were when they started. The thought made her shudder. Darlene was just grateful she'd got into fashion and beauty school, even if she'd done some less than desirable things to secure her place, but she didn't care, she would do anything to get what she wanted, and that included getting Malcolm. He was her perfect man. She could see it now, him being a hotshot doctor, her running her own business, a beautiful house on the beach, even though she detested getting sand in her hair. 2.4 children, a nanny, a few dogs, a Bentley... the list went on. But she knew he would want that too, even if he didn't know it yet."DARLENE!!!" the voice awoke her from her day dream. She stormed into the stylists room. "UGH! I SAID I'M COMING!"


"Have you told them yet?. . . You haven't have you, Sam! What the hell are you wait-" she hissed, but Sam was already cutting her off.  "Oh will you just shut up, I said I'd do it so I'll do it when I'm ready, get off my back already, jeesh" he said venomously, turning to walk up the stairs, he paused as he got to the top.

 "You coming or what?" he snapped, but before she could answer he was already putting his key in the door. She ran up the stairs quickly and grabbed his arm, turning him slightly she planted a hot wet kiss on his neck. "Lets not fight" she said, sliding her hand down towards his belt buckle, "I wanna have fun tonight" she purred, lowering her voice seductively. Sam smirked and turned the key in the door. "Come on" he beckoned to her, she didn't hear what he muttered under his breathe, "This should be fun".

"Sup" Sam said as he walked into the living room. Darlene rolled her eyes, Malcolm just nodded and Mortimer said nothing. "Your not gonna shut the door?" Mortimer asked, looking at Sam like he was from Oz. Sam smirked, "No" he said, "I'm not". Mortimer wanted to wipe the smug expression off of his face but he said nothing, it wasn't wort it. He was about to get up and close it himself when he heard an all too familiar voice. 
"Hi guys, long time no see, you miss me?"

Mortimer's head whipped  round so fast he almost made himself dizzy. Darlene pursed her lips and ignoring Bella looked straight at Sam and rolled her eyes. Malcolm sat, mouth open wide in disbelief, and then he snapped out of it and began to laugh hysterically. "Really dude, like are you serious right now?" he said, flopping back into the chair and shaking his head. 

"What in the royal fuck is she doing here?" Malcolm mumbled under his breath. "Dude... I don't even think I want to know" Mortimer muttered back. "Is she serious? Like really?" Darlene whispered. "Has she forgotten what she did to Kaci, she's such a bitc-"."So how are you guys? Its been way too long . . . Mortimer, how is Kaci?" Bella interrupted singling him out and sounding way too flirty while she did it. Darlene couldn't believe the cheek of her, she'd split Sam and Kaci up and by the looks of it she was about to try and do the same with Mortimer and Kaci right infront of Sams face, what was this girls problem? She was about to tell her where to go, when Mortimer cut her off. "We're good . . . thanks" he added as an after thought never taking his eyes off of the television screen. "Who's in the house guys?" Sandi came bounding down the stairs, "I could have sworn I heard..."

She stopped when she saw who it was. "Oh shit" Mortimer and Malcolm said in unison. The were ready to jump over the sofa if needs be, but Sandi said no more, she just stared at Bella like she was something she'd stepped in. Bella stopped and spoke, "Sandi".
"Skank." Sandi deadpanned, not missing a beat. Malcolm choked back a laugh and Mortimer elbowed him.

"Oh, now, now, I thought we'd let bygones be bygones Sandi?" Bella said mockingly, a sarcastic smile on her face. "Sam tell your slut to stop speaking to me, I'm afraid I might catch something" Sandi said, staring straight at Bella."No, aren't you the slut sweetie? I mean, if I remember rightly, that's what you were in high school, did I miss something?" Bella asked feigning innocence. "Okay enough, I said enough, MOVE" Sam said pushing Bella up the stairs before Sandi had a chance to react."Keep that bitch away from me" Sandi snarled at Sam, "Or so help me God I'll do something she's gonna regret".


Upstairs Bella smiled, glad she'd managed to piss Sandi off. She never could stand her. But Mortimer was looking good. Really good. She wondered where Kaci was. She'd better not stay away from him for too long, Bella smirked to herself, you never knew what might happen. Sam walked into the room and was about to say something when he caught sight of her lying naked on the bed. "You coming to bed baby. . ." she said, and then as he climbed on top of her and they began to kiss, she had a thought, "I wonder what it would be like if this was Mortimer . . ."


"What the fuck was that?" Darlene asked, "I can't believe he's just brought her here with no warning! He knows how we feel about her, him, them!" She huffed. Sandi answered her, "That's exactly why he's done it. They're using each other, she doesn't want to be with him any more than he wants to be with her. They're just the same though, manipulative, lying, little cheats. That's why they go together so well". Malcolm stole a glance at her from the corner of his eye, he thought what Bella had said my have touched a nerve. Yea Sandi liked to have fun but no more than you're average teen. He was a guy and he wouldn't have have even called her a slut.  "Bella was lying you know, about you and high school" he said, trying to cheer her up. "Thanks" she smiled barely looking at him. Darlene huffed, mad that he was paying Sandi attention and interrupted, "Yea well, the points is we don't want her here" she diverted Malcolm's attention back to herself.

"Yeah but there's nothing we can do about it", Mortimer said, "She's his guest and if she wanted to move in we cant stop her, there's no other space so she'd be living in his room paying half of his rent. Best we can do is hope that's not why she's here" he said. A quiet hush fell over the room until Malcolm broke the silence. "Dude, what are you gonna tell Kaci?" he asked. "I don't know Malc, I don't know"._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

"So, you  know Bella stayed over last night right?" Sam said, watching closely for Kaci's reaction. Mortimer had come into her room last night and explained everything. She didn't give Sam the satisfaction of turning around. "Yea and?" she answered. "And nothing. Just wondered how you felt about that, like, it doesn't bother you. . ." he pushed. "Why would it bother me? That would have to mean I care about either of you" she said matter-of-factly. 

Her words stung, Sam knew he'd been an asshole to her but he hoped she'd forgive him. He realized quite quickly that the grass wasn't always greener on the other side. He cared about Bella, a lot, but those feelings were no match for the ones he'd had for Kaci. Only he'd realized that when it had been too late to go back.He didn't know what would have been worse, her staying mad or hearing her say she just didn't care either. Of course what Sam didn't know was that but deep down she did care, it still hurt, he'd been her best friend and Bella had been close to her too. She had no feelings for him romantically at all anymore but the fact that he'd been so willing to throw away a friendship so easily still smarted a little. "Right, well, okay". Sam got up from the table. Darlene waited until she was sure he'd gone up the stairs before she turned to Kaci, "Are you okay?" she asked. "Yea I'm fine, honestly. What they do is of no concern to me" she smiled. "I've got Mortimer and he's all that I need."


"So what does everyone else have to say about it?" Claire asked, she was concerned about the situation Kaci was living in. Bella had always been trouble, and Claire was sure she hadn't changed now. Kaci sighed, "No ones happy about it, but no one wants to give either of them the satisfaction of knowing that because that's what they want, so its a little awkward." "I think you should ask her outright what her plans are, if she'd moving in, then whatever but she needs to start paying rent or something. She can't expect to live their rent free, sharing a room or not." Cyran said seriously. Kaci nodded, "I know, I'll talk to the guys about it, thanks advice" she smiled. It was nice being out of the house, it had become such a strained environment whenever Sam or Bella were around Kaci was beginning to dread going home. She looked over at the lighthouse and smiled as the light bathed her face, calming her nerves. It worked every time, she loved coming to the beach and watching the light wash over everything at night but she seldom had time these days. 

She decided to make an effort to go there more, especially at night, what with Bella and Sam making sure everyone knew exactly what they were up to. She could only imagine how the boys felt, considering that if she was on the floor below them and could hear, then they definitely could, and poor Mortimers room was right next to Sams. A few mornings she'd made them both a pot of coffee without them even asking when they'd walked into the kitchen looking like the living dead."Well, you know you can always come home for a few days, or permanently if it gets too much sweetie" her mom said, squeezing her leg and smiling. "I know mom thanks" Kaci smiled back.

They stood up and packed away the picnic basket as the temperature began to drop and the sea air cooled everything around. A taxi pulled up next to curb. "We'll see you soon sweetie, call us when you get home okay?" Claire said, squeezing Kaci tight, "Hey my turn!" Cyran interrupted, "We'll see you soon Kace, make sure you find out what her intentions are" he reminded her."I will, Bye, Love you!" she called as she walked up to the taxi. Cyran and Claire stood waving until the lights were just pinpricks in the distance. "She'll be okay wont she?" Claire asked. "Yea babe" Cyran soothed, "She'll be fine, come on", he said, taking her hand and holding the picnic basket in the other, "Lets go home".


There was faint knock on Kaci's door, "Come in" she called, sitting up and putting her text book on the floor next to her bed. "Hey babe, how was it? How's your mom and Cyran?" he asked as he sat down on the bed next to her. "It was great!" she answered a huge smile on her face. She filled him on what Cyran had said about asking what Bella's plans were.

"That sounds like a good idea" Mortimer agreed. He'd listened intently, "Shall we see what everyone else says?" he asked. Kaci nodded, "I think that would be best". He pulled her closer and they lay together for a while neither of them speaking. Kaci could feel Mortimers heart beating through his clothes. He kissed her forehead and ran the tip of his finger over her nose making her wriggle it as it tickled, which made him laugh. He began to tickle her sides and she had a laughing fit until she cried goose and gave up. Suddenly their faces were inches apart and their lips found each others.

They kissed softly at first, but then their kisses became but passionate, hungry, almost like they wanted to become one. Mortimer teased her tongue with his in a way that sent shivers down her spine. His hand rested tantalizingly on the hem of her shorts, dangerously close to driving her over the edge. They'd fooled around before but it had never been this intense, this real. She pulled him down more onto her until she could feel exactly what was pressed against his jeans.

Kaci felt his finger tips tentatively pulling up her t shirt but he didn't go any further, so she guided his hand with her own and he continued up her body until reached under her bra and found what he was looking for. Her breathe caught in her throat as he gently caressed the tiny lump until it became hard and unyielding. She pulled his shirt over his head and let her hands wander to his jeans. Eventually they were clothed in nothing but their underwear and Mortimer had been about to touch her where she ached for him the most but instead, he stopped and lay looking at her.

"Whats wrong?" she asked confused, looking into his eyes, "Don't you want to . . ."she trailed off, leaving the question unsaid. "No, I mean Yeah! Of course I want to, I mean, I realllly want to. Just, not like this. I wan't our first, your first time to be special. Not just something we do in the heat of the moment, you know?" he said, tracing the outline of her breast with his finger tip. Kaci looked up at him and smiled. "Yea, I do" she said as she kissed him and snuggled up even closer to him. They lay not speaking for a while. Kaci knew he wasn't a virgin, but she'd never actually heard him say it, or come so close to saying it as he had just then. He and Malcolm had been the stars of the football team in high school, had different girlfriends every week and girls had literally thrown themselves at him, but where Malcolm had a reputation for being a player, Mortimer didn't. She guessed because deep down he wasn't. He was honest and upfront, extremely handsome and one of, if not the most popular guy in school. Which is why no one could understand  how he'd settled down with her. She wasn't unpopular, in fact she was very popular, but she just wasn't your typical girl, she liked to do boy things, she wasn't a cheerleader, didn't care if her hair was out of place. She was just, herself. Which is what Kaci didn't know had attracted him to her in the first place.When she'd broken up with Sam, he'd been so happy, even though he hated seeing her like that, it gave him a chance to show her how she should be treated. He'd dated a lot of girls, and all of them had been more than willing to give it up on the first night. Sometimes he said no, a lot of the time he didn't, he was young and having fun, but his heart wasn't in it, unlike Malcolm, Malcolm was down for anything with any girl that batted an eyelash his way.Mortimer on the other hand, was always looking for that one person to put an end to all that, he never said it out loud but he was. He wasn't about to let her first time be the same as it was with all those other girls. She deserved better than that, and he was going to make sure it was perfect.He heard her breathing become slower, deeper. "Kace?" he whispered, she shifted a little and then settled back down, and sighed a little. He smiled as he lay watching her sleep and he knew right then in the silence, that he'd definitely found the one.


"Sooo, what did you get up to last night?" Darlene asked mischievously. "Huh? Nothing, why?" Kaci said."Oh no reason" Darlene smiled. Kaci shook her head and grabbed some breakfast.

They made small talk, Darlene skirting around what she really wanted to say. "You done?" Kaci asked as she got up to wash her bowl. "Yeah, thanks" Darlene nodded. She began to walk out of the kitchen and then stopped. "Oh, just for the record, next time Mortimer stays in your room, tell him not to leave his sneakers by the door, its a dead give away" she giggled and turned to go. 

Kaci turned a bright shade of red and spun around quickly, "Wha-? Noo, nothing happened I swear, Darlene, Darlene!" she called, but Darlene was already out of the door laughing on her way. "Ughhh, Just great" Kaci moaned to herself, slumping against the sink, her head in her hands. She loved Darlene but the girl had a motor mouth. This would be all over the house by that night, she just knew it.


"What the hell, so she's not entitled to an opinion no? Come one Sandi's grow up! Whats she supposed to do, she needs somewhere to put her stuff! Who put you in charge of it anyway" Sam had unsuccessfully been trying to convince Sandi to let Bella use the spare storage cupboard as wardrobe for the last half hour and Sandi's already thin patience was beginning to run dry.

"Dude, I'm in charge of cleaning in this house so therefore its my damn cupboard and what I say goes! Ugh, will you just get outta my face already, yada yada yada, boo hoo hoo, who gives a fuck what your slut of a girlfriend thinks? She's basically living here rent free, she needs to learn when to put up and shut up" Sandi balled him out. He bristled at her, fists clenched "Hey, you wanna watch what your saying about Bella or-""Or what?" She laughed dangerously "You gonna knock me out? I'd like to see you try buddy" she said squaring up to him. She wasn't afraid of anyone, and definitely not Sam.

"Woah, woah, Woah! Dude, back up" Mortimer jumped up off the sofa, "You got a problem with her, you come through me" he said, deadly serious. "What? What the hell man, are you serious? She started it, fuck this shit I'm out". He said, storming out of the front door, slamming in shut behind him. Mortimer shook his head in disbelief, "That guy is a joke, you good?" he asked her. "Yeah!" she said, playfully grabbing him in a headlock, "I had him right where I wanted him" she mocked. "Oh I believe you" Mortimer laughed easily getting out of it. "Just don't try that again okay?" 


"He what?! Dude, are you serious?" Malcolm asked. Mortimer had filled him and Darlene in on what happened earlier. "She okay?" he said concerned. "Yea she's fine, it's him I was worried about" Mortimer laughed, "She was actually ready to fight him, thank God I was there, that girl is a loose canon" he shook his head.  "So where is he now?" Darlene asked. "I don't know, he left as soon as I stepped in, probably gonna go get Bella and bring her back here again to piss us off" he shrugged."No she's away today, I heard her say something yesterday about going to some spa retreat in Hidden Springs" Kaci chipped in as she sat in between the two guys. And then just as though he'd heard them,the front door opened and in walked Sam. With someone that definitely was not Bella."Guys, meet Tuesday. Tuesday meet the guys. Okay you've met, now lets go meet my bedroom" he said pulling her in for a noisy kiss. Kaci stood and turned around, barely able to believe what she was seeing. He'd bought Tuesday Sears home with him. Tuesday Sears. Everyone knew who she was because she did anything with anyone. She was drunk. Not wasted by any means but definitely drunk. Sam was almost holding her up as she giggled and hiccuped at the same time. He planted a hot noisy kiss on her, and then winked at Kaci as Tuesday began to walk up the stairs. "No one got anything to say? . . . Hmm, funny that" he said taunted, smacking Tuesdays ass as he went. 

He made Kaci's skin crawl. Darlene began to talk, "What the hell? What about Bella? I mean he did that to you Kaci, you think he'd have learn-" but Malcolm glared at her and cut her off. "What goes around comes around, they deserve each other" he said, giving Kaci's arm a squeeze, "Besides you moved on to bigger and better things" he said, reaching behind her and punching Mortimer in the arm. Kaci laughed and Mortimer winced, "Thanks Buddy" he said through gritted teeth. "A little warning next time?"


"Look,  I say, we just tell her to get her stuff and leave. She's not paying us a penny yet she's eating all our food, using our hot water and running up our electric bill" Sandi said matter of factly. "I agree, but I am not doing it". Kaci said. "Oh fine I'll do it" Darlene sighed. They were sitting at the table eating lunch while the boys played video games. "Do you think she has any clue what Sams been up to behind her back?" She continued. "I highly doubt it, you know how much of drama queen she is, we'd have all heard about it by now, but whatever, you know what they say, Karma's a bitch". Sandi said dryly.

Kaci went up to her room to study and Darlene and Sandi decided to do the dishes. The whole time Darlene gushed on about Malcolm and how she was going to marry him some day and how he'd be able to give her all the things she wanted in life because he's be a rich doctor. It made Sandi sick, she tolerated Darlene at times, the girl could be so shallow and selfish sometimes she wondered how they'd all managed to remain friends for so long. Still, she didn't want to see her make a fool of herself. Malcolm was a nice guy but he'd run a mile if he knew how Darlene felt. As far as Sandi knew, he liked the single life. "Look, you might wanna tone it down a bit, you know, play hard to get. Guys like Malcolm lose interest easily if they know how interested you are. Pretend you have other options, you know?" she said.Darlene gasped, clearly offended. "I do have other options!" she protested a little too loudly causing the boys to look up from their game momentarily, but being boys, the went straight back to it. "I do have other options and I am hard to get" she hissed quietly this time. Sandi folded her arms and raised an eyebrow."Okay so maybe not other options but I am hard to get and don't you dare say different" she whispered defiantly.

Malcolm came into the kitchen about twenty minutes later, ready for a night shift at the hospital. "Thanks for the advice!" Darlene whispered and then walked over to him, all cool and casual. "Yes" thought Sandi, "That's my girl".But then Darlene spoke and the Matchmaker of the year award vanished before Sandi's very eyes."Oh my God Malcolm, you like, look so totally hot in your uniform " she gushed.

All Sandi could do was stare bug eyed at her. All that talk, for nothing! Sandi muttered to herself under her breath. "Sandi, you did your best, but leave her to her own devices in future". Darlene was a car crash waiting to happen. She was sure of it.

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