Friday, 4 October 2013

The Lighthouse; Part 4, Chapter 3: No Secrets

"Come in..." Darlene called. "Hey, Sandi said you wanted me to come up here..." Malcolm said. "Oh, yeahh, I just wondered um, what you were up to later? Like if you wanted to go watch a movie or something?" Darlene asked, her big doe eyes glittering girlishly at him.

"Uh, later? I can't sorry, I've really gotta get some studying done, but maybe another time?" he added quickly as he saw her face fall. "Yea great!" she said excitedly, pulling him into an organ crushing hug. "Okay. . . we can sort out when another time, um, later" he said, quickly turning to walk out of her room. He closed her door and stood on the other side, shaking his head for a few seconds, unable to see that Darlene was now jumping around her room like a maniacal child. She was already planning what she was going to wear, what they were going to watch and where he was going to take her eat afterwards. As far as she was concerned, he was already hers.


"How long are you guy's gonna be?" Mortimer asked, they were on campus at the Library trying to get some work done. Mortimer, finishing earlier than the others had been playing chess for about twenty minutes. "Mm, not long" Kaci answered absentmindedly. She was just proof-reading her essay, she didn't want to give her professor any reason to give her extra work. The woman was a sadist, everyone said so. She loved failing people. Its like it made her happy. "Just gotta add this reference and I'm done" Malcolm answered. "Cool, is Darlene still here?" Mortimer asked. 

"Yea, she said she'd text when she was ready and she hasn't text me yet... whats up Malcolm?" Kaci asked. His shoulders had tensed a little at the mention of Darlene's name. "Oh, she'd just freaking me out. We went to the movies, and she was just, weird. Like, talking about kids and houses and what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Like, it wasn't even a date! Don't get me wrong she's cool, but she's really... intense" he said. Mortimer burst out laughing, "You better be careful dude. Next thing you'll be waking up married with 4 kids and a pet Chihuahua." 
"Mortimer!" Kaci scolded him but she had to admit it was funny. She knew how over enthusiastic Darlene could be. 
"What I'm just saying? Didn't you see Fatal Attraction?" He ducked as Malcolm flicked a screwed up ball of paper at him and then began to laugh even harder and the unimpressed expression on Malcolm's face as he spoke.
"Oh very funny dude, very funny"


Upstairs, Darlene worked on her sketches for her Fashion Design class. It wasn't exactly the assignment the lecturer had asked for but whatever. She had him over a barrel  He couldn't very well fail her after the things she'd done, to him, to secure her place on the course. She smiled to herself. Yes. She had him eating out of the palm of her hand. She thought she ask for an A+ on this one. After all, how could he refuse.

She suspected a few of the other girls had used the same means she did to get onto the course, some of them knew nothing about fashion. Not like Darlene. Okay she didn't really know much either but she was learning quickly. She'd made it clear that what she'd done was a one off but she wasn't so sure about the other girls. She saw how they flirted with him, boobs out, eyelashes batting. It made her sick. You had to draw the line somewhere, and she'd done it, fast. It was fascinating how quickly getting on your knees could turn a no into a yes.

She added a few final touches to her sketch and then sat back and admired her work. It was definitely worth an A+. She'd have to run it past her lecturer on Monday but she already knew what he'd say.


Sandi and her fellow model Donovan had been getting hot and heavy on the couch for last hour. The sexual tension between them at work had been unbearable and she'd invited him back to hers as soon as they'd finished the photo shoot. No one would be home until later. Her breathing quickened as he slid his hand up her leg, past the hem of her denim shorts and under her underwear. She let out a tiny moan and was about to return the favor when the front door burst open.

"Hey guys, whatchya doin?" Mortimer said innocently but inside he was dying to laugh. He'd seen Sandi and whoever this guy was making out on the couch through the window and purposely opened to front door quietly to catch them at it. They jumped apart so fast it was almost as if they'd been sitting like that all night. "Oh nothing" Sandi answered. "Mort, meet Donovan, Donovan meet Mortimer" she said grabbing his hand and dragging him upstairs behind her. 

"I thought you said no one was home" Donovan mumbled, as they kissed and began tearing each other clothes off. "They're not" Sandi mumbled back, "He's working a night shift, probably just come back for a snack. Everyone else is out til later, but forget them" she said, backing him up to bed, she pushed him down and he rolled on a condom. He'd barely got it on when she sat on top of him making him moan in pleasure. "Fuck ..."

Eventually they collapsed in heap, her on top of him, both of them breathing hard. She got up and grabbing the closest thing to her, threw it on. She picked up his clothes and thew them at him, he sat up and laughed, "What? You're kicking me out already? You don't wanna fall asleep in my arms?" he teased.
"Uh, yeah? You can't be here when they get back, they think I'm an angel" she winked mischievously.

"Yeah, whatever" he laughed shaking his head. "I'll call you" she called after him. "Later" he called back. A few seconds later she heard the front door closing. Sighing she climbed onto her bed and closed her eyes, exhausted, it had been a long day and that was just what she needed to release some tension. He wasn't boyfriend material by any means but he sure knew what he was doing between the sheets. She thought about what she'd said about calling him again, but she knew she wouldn't, she never did. She drifted off to sleep, a happy smile on her face.


"So, you have fun last night missy... with, erm, Donovan? I think his name was?" Kaci said, completely out of the blue. Darlene sat in the other chair pretending to be interested in the television but her face said it all. She was dying to laugh. Sandi looked at her confused for a minute and then it slowly dawned on her. "MORTIMER!" She shouted jumping up off the sofa. "Dammit cant a girl have any damn secrets around here!"

"And you two can stop laughing!" she shouted down the stairs, at the girls hysterical laughter. "You're time will come! Trust me! MORTIMER!!!"

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