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The Lighthouse; Part 4, Chapter 4: The Furthest Thing

"Sandi I've tried everything, I just cant get him to ask me on a date! Ugh I never have this problem! You think he's gay?" Darlene whined. Sandi burst out laughing, "No Malcolm is not gay. He'll ask when he's ready don't stress out about it" she smiled, trying to soothe Darlene but what she really wanted to do was shake her. The girl just wasn't getting it, the more she pushed, the more Malcolm backed away. He was a man. Its what they did. She thought Darlene of all people would know that.

"You know, maybe you should give him some space for a bit, see if it makes a difference?" She suggested. Darlene looked at her like she was crazy."Erm, so someone else can snatch him? I don't think so".


Sam let the water run over his face as he tried to wash the scent of a girls perfume off of him. He'd stayed out last night with some girl he met in a bar. They'd had a few drinks and before he knew it, she had her hand in his pants under the bar table. Needless to say they'd left soon after that and went back to hers. He couldn't even remember her name. But the smell of her perfume was something he'd never forget, it was some strong floral scent that he couldn't get off. This was his third shower in less than 45 minutes. It was driving him crazy. He was just happy Bella wasn't there, she'd have killed him and then they'd have had make up sex as usual, which was great, but the bitching before hand he could do without. They didn't even want to be together, but where Sam wouldn't care what Bella did if they broke up tomorrow, Bella on the other hand didn't want to see him with anyone else. They were just stuck. And he hated her for it.

Sam dried off and eye'd himself in the mirror. His body wasn't bad but he wanted to be bigger, wanted more definition to his muscles, even though he was one of the biggest guys on his job. He needed to stay fit for that. Especially being in front of a camera for hours on end. No one knew what he did. Not even Bella. Especially not Bella, her mouth was huge in more ways than one. His dad would most likely disown him if he found out, but he was only doing it until he figured out exactly what he wanted to do. The pay was obviously a huge bonus. He had more money sitting in his bank account than he knew what do with. The bigger endowed you were, the bigger your check was. But that's how it was when you made porn.  He looked down and smiled at what he saw. Money was definitely not an issue.


Wandering downstairs, his curiosity got the better of him. Pushing open her door, he peeked in. She was out but he knew that. He looked at the Polaroids she had stuck to her wall. She was smiling or laughing in all of them, she looked so happy. Her life had gone on without him. He felt a pang in his chest and tried to push it to the back of his mind. The picture above her bookshelf caught his eye. It was of her, Darlene and Bella. He was surprised it was up. He was so engrossed in the picture that he didn't hear the footsteps coming up the stairs, or the door swing open.

"What the hell are you doing in my room?!" Kaci shouted, "Get out, GET OUT!" she screamed at him fighting to keep her composure. She was so angry, she felt violated. Sam jumped out of his skin, he hadn't heard her come in, he took a step towards her "...Kace, Calm down, I'm sorry I jus-", She took a step back
"Don't you dare call me that, don't you ever call me that, I said GET OUT!" she shouted again. 
Malcolm burst into the room, breathless  "What the fuc-" he stopped when he saw Sam. 
"Dude, you heard her. Get out" he said menacingly. Sam ignored him and continued to try and talk to Kaci.
"Kaci, I'm sorry, I know shouldn't have been in here I just, I don't know, I'm sorry-" he tried to explain but Kaci cut him off again. She held her hand up and pointed towards the door. 
"I don't want to hear it. Just get out Sam", she said, her tone even and low. She couldn't look at him. She was afraid she might cry.

Sam sighed,  then shot Malcolm a dirty look as he stalked out of the room, as if it was his fault Kaci was so mad. "Kace are you okay? You're shaking" Malcolm said as soon as he'd gone. "What was he doing in here anyway- Oh Kace come here, don't cry, you know I'm big girl deep down, I'll just cry too" he said stroking her hair and making her laugh, but he was genuinely unhappy that she was so upset. 

She was one of his closest friends as well as his best friends girl. He wanted to punch Sam in the face. Hard. The guy was jerk. No one wanted him there and he knew it. Malcolm couldn't understand why he was still hanging around. Kaci wiped her eyes and smiled weakly at Malcolm. She gave him a big squeeze and then stepped back. "Thanks, no really, I don't know what I would have done if you weren't here" she said. 
"Hey, no worries kiddo, anytime, you sure you're okay now? Cause all you gotta do is say the word and I'll lay him out, you know that right?" he said, eyebrow raised. Kaci laughed even though she knew he was being serious. She smiled and nodded, "Yea I'm fine". 
"Well, okay then, I'll see you in a bit, I'm gonna go take a shower but just shout if you need me" he said closing her door behind him.
Kaci let out a long sigh and kicking off her shoes, flopped back onto her bed, asking herself what the hell just happened. 


"He What?" Sandi asked confused, "I'm sorry, did you just say he was in your room?" she crossed her arms in front of her, her expression murderous. Darlene looked up from inspecting her hair for nonexistent split ends, "Kaci, that guy is a freak, we should kick him out, I mean I did say this but no one wanted to listen to me" Darlene pitched in. "Oh shut up Darlene, how exactly is that even helping right now?" Sandi interrupted, "Anyway" she continued, "Its a good job Malcolm was there to step in" she said seriously.
"I know isn't he just the best" Darlene gushed, her eyes wide.

Sandi ignored her. "So have you told M yet?" she asked Kaci, lowering her voice. "No, I don't really know if it's such a good idea, I mean he didn't do anything to me but I know Mortimer will just be really annoyed and I don't want him to be over something so.. stupid, but I don't really want to keep secrets from him either" Kaci answered as she prepared dinner. Sandi nodded and the three continued to talk about the whole situation. About thirty minutes later, Darlene spotted Sam in the living room and nudged Sandi quickly.
"Talk of the devil and he sure as hell appears" Sandi muttered.

"Hey, jerk off, what is your fucking problem? You leave Kaci the fuck alone, you understand me?" she asked him, he'd barely had a chance to register what she'd said before Darlene joined in, "Yeah, what were you doing in her room anyway you freak!" she jeered. Neither of them saw Mortimer coming down the stairs. "You were where?" he said his voice low, his eyes as hard as steel as he stared at Sam. 
"Oh back off frat boy, It was no big deal, she didn't mind" he winked at him.

Malcolm came into the living room ready to jump in if he needed to but he knew he wouldn't have to. Mortimer was the smart one, Malcolm was the one that thought with his fists. 
"Just stay out of my girlfriends room jerk" he said and turned to walk away. 
"Or what?" Sam sneered. A knowing smile crept on to Mortimers face,
"Or I'll lay you out like I did in high school, how about that?" he said, and continued into the kitchen.
"Oooooh shit!" Malcolm burst out laughing as Sam scowled and stomped up the stairs to his room.


Grabbing two beers, Malcolm passed one to Mortimer as they all sat down to eat. "Dude, when did you have a fight with Sam! And why didn't you tell me?!" he asked, punching him softly on the arm.
"Oh, it was no big deal,  you know, stupid kid stuff" he tried to brush it off but Malcolm wouldn't let it go.
"Oh no you don't, spill it" he pushed him. Everyone was looking at him now. He sighed and started to talk.

"It was when I took Kaci to the prom, I don't know what he said to her but I saw she looked a little upset when we were walking in, so after I took her home, I went back to the dance and he was outside waiting for his ride to pull up. I asked him what he said, and he wouldn't tell me, just made some derogatory comment about Kaci and I so I punched him. Knocked him out cold. Then I panicked so I shook him and woke him up but his ride pulled up and I took off. Obviously he was embarrassed because he never told anyone". He finished.
Malcolm burst out laughing and patted Mortimer hard on the back, "So that's why he came to school with a black eye, he said something about boxing practice but I never believed him, oh my god I gotta tell Mikey this" he said wiping tears from his eyes. Mortimer smiled but his eyes were fixed on Kaci.
"Awwwwww, how sweeeeet!" Darlene cooed and turned to Malcolm, "Would you ever do that for me?" she said flirtatiously. Sandi rolled her eyes but not before Malcolm caught her and laughed. "Err, yeah, maybe, I dunno?" he finally answered her and then began shoveling food into his mouth faster than he could chew it. 
Eventually Kaci looked at Mortimer, and after a moment she smiled. She didn't say anything, she didn't need to, her eyes said a thousand words. Mortimer smiled back, happy she wasn't angry or upset with him. 
He hadn't told her because he thought she might have been disappointed in him. He breathed a sigh of relief and then he turned to Malcolm, "Dude will you slow down before you choke or something? We're not at work now, I am not obligated to save you!"


After dinner, they all sat in the living room watching whatever crappy movie was on television and talking about everything from their high school days to where they saw themselves in ten years time.

"Dude, remember when we all skipped Algebra and went down to the beach thinking they'd never look for us there? How dumb were we, that's the first place you'd look for any teens skipping school" Malcolm shook his head. They all laughed loudly, and then Sandi slumped back into her chair, "Ugh, I remember the hangover I had the next day, and Mrs Schwartz still made me run track, even though I told her I was hungover" she moaned. 
"You told her you were hungover?" Kaci asked astounded.
"Yea, I figured she'd have some sympathy, being as she kept a bottle of Jack Daniels in her cupboard. Everyone gasped, "What?! How'd you know?!" Mortimer laughed in disbelief. 
"Because that's what I drank. Come to think of it, that's probably why she made me run track, she was just pissed because I drank her stash".
Everyone burst into a fit of laughter again, laughing until their sides hurt. "Ah, I cant breathe" Darlene gasped for air, barely able to speak. Kaci shook her head in disbelief and Malcolm wiped tears from his eyes. "Sandi you are something else" he chuckled. "and don't you know it" she winked at them.


"I don't know what your game is but, I'm telling you now. Stay the hell away from Kaci. I get it, you had your chance, you blew it for that slut of girl you call your girlfriend and now your regretting it because you've realized exactly what you fucked up. But its too late. So back off, you got it?" Mortimer said, his voice low. Sam hadn't heard him come into the kitchen. He said nothing, he couldn't, it shocked him, he didn't know Mortimer had it in him. He was always so nice.

"Oh and one more thing" Mortimer added, "What I said yesterday? I meant it". He walked out of the kitchen and a few seconds later Sam heard the front door shut. He was livid, no one threatened him, no one. Mortimer was getting to big for his boots, Sam decided he would have to remind him, remind them all, exactly who they were dealing with.


Later that night, they met at the beach. The boys came and joined the girls when they'd finished their gym session. They all sat around the small fire roasting marshmallows and celebrating their first few months of living in the house together. No one had killed anybody yet so it had to be a success, they'd joked.

"Do you ever feel like time is just passing you by?" Kaci asked as she sat down after throwing her stick onto the fire, "I feel like these last few months have just flown" she said gazing out towards the old lighthouse, watching its light glide over everything it touched. Kaci thought she loved it so much because it held no secrets, there was no hiding from the light, it made you see things for what they really were, perfect or not.
Everyone nodded and murmured in agreement. "Yea, I'll be honest, I didn't think I'd be able to cope with all this pressure but  its actually been fun" Malcolm admitted. "Oh my God, did thee Malcolm Landgraab just admit to being human?" Sandi teased. "Oh ha ha" he said, flashing her a sarcastic smile. She dodged as he flicked a marshmallow at her and then stuck her tongue out at him. "Repeat that and I'll kill you" he said playfully threatening her with his stick. Suddenly Darlene stood up, and abruptly announced that she was ready to go home. 

"What? Already?" Sandi asked. "Yes, already" Darlene snapped. "Okay keep your hair on Darl" Sandi sighed, throwing her stick onto the flames. She looked at Darlene but Darlene wouldn't meet her eyes.
"Awkward" Malcolm whispered. "Oh shut up dude! Don't you ever tire of the sound of your own voice?" Sandi said, throwing a small shell from the sand at him. 

Darlene stormed up the beach towards Malcolm's car. "Are you coming or what" she called over her shoulder to him. "Looks like I have no choice" he muttered under his breath and he started up the beach towards his car. "Race you!" he shouted to Mortimer who took off in hot pursuit behind him. Kaci linked her arm through Sandi's and they walked up the beach together.
"Whats up with Darlene?" Sandi asked Kaci. "Oh you know, she likes Malcolm and he was paying more attention to you than her" she shrugged. "What? It's not even like that, we've been friends for ever, we all have for petes sake" Sandi huffed. "I know, I know, but you know how Darlene is, its either all about her or no one at all" she laughed shaking her head. 
They reached the car, Kaci paused for a minute as Sandi climbed in,  turning to look back at the lighthouse one last time. The light silently washed over the rocks and illuminated the now darkened beach, glistening off the rolling waves as it went. Kaci let the sound of the water crashing against the rocks take any feelings she had about Sams intrusion the day before with it, she refused to let him control her emotions, watching as the water split into a million tiny drops. All of a sudden, he was the furthest thing from her mind. "You okay Kace?" Mortimer called from inside the car, "Yeah" she smiled. "I'm fine. Lets go home".

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