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The Lighthouse; Part 4, Chapter 5: Just the Two of Us

Sam stumbled out of bed to the bathroom, tripping over one of Bella's 6 inch heels as he went. "Ahh fuck!" he half whispered, trying not to wake her, she was not a morning person and he didn't want to make her any grouchier than she needed to be. Still half asleep, he eventually made it to bathroom, shivering as the cold tiled flooring sent a chill through his body. He stood and began to empty his bladder, before he knew it, his head jerked back snapping him out of his temporary sleep and making him jump. "Damn I'm tired" he said to himself, he had said he was going to go for a jog but decided against it, he was exhausted. Bella had kept him up half of the night with her insatiable appetite. Not that he was complaining, sex with Bella was always exciting but he could have done with the sleep. He walked out of the bathroom and let out a monstrous yawn, wiping his eyes he drowsily pushed the bedroom door open and slouched in.

Sam couldn't believe what he was seeing. Kaci was in his bed. For a minute he couldn't understand why she was screaming for him to get out of his own room. And then the fog slowly began to lift. "Sam what the hell?! Get out! Oh my god!" she said, quickly pulling her t-shirt down over her stomach. Sam was momentarily distracted by the sight of her toned stomach and all sorts of thoughts began to race through his mind, but then he snapped back to reality, she wasn't in his room. In his tired state, he'd accidentally wandered into Mortimers room, but that would mean Kaci had slept there. She'd slept in his bed. With him. He felt a jealousy like no other begin to course through his veins and he began to laughing haughtily, clapping his hands in disbelief.

"So, little miss perfect isn't as innocent as she makes out. Ha, you sleeping with him now?" he sneered at her and then laughed sarcastically. Kaci jumped off of the bed feeling exposed even though she was clothed. "No Sam I'm not sleeping wit-" and then she paused as she realized what she saying. "Wait a minute, I don't have to explain myself to you, what are you doing in here anyway? Your such a.....a.... ugh I don't even know what you are! Why the hell are you creeping into Mortimers room so early in the morning?" she hissed at him, mindful of how loud she was, she didn't want to wake Malcolm or Bella for that matter, she couldn't deal with her right now.

Sams anger boiled over, "Why the hell would I wan't to come in here? Trust me, Mortimers got nothing that I want anymore, I don't take used goods" he smirked nastily, looking Kaci up and down like she was a piece of filth. CRACK! The sound of Kaci's hand connecting with his cheek reverberated around the room. His face stung, he instinctively put his hand up to the now red patch of skin and then met Kaci's emerald green eyes. They were burning with disgust. "Get Out Sam" she spat, teeth clenched. He saw the hurt expression on her face and he felt terrible, "Kaci, I'm sorry I didn't mean-", but it was too late, "I said, get out" she cut him off and flung the door open so he could leave. He turned to try and say something but she'd already slammed the door behind him. He could have kicked himself. Instead of trying to make amends, he'd made her hate him even more. Sighing, he looked at the door between them one last time, before turning to go into his room.


Sandi sighed as she flopped down next to Darlene at the kitchen table. "Darlene this is stupid! You can't ignore me forever!" she exclaimed, huffing as she put her plate on the table. Darlene stayed silent. She had done ever since they'd gotten back from the beach. She'd still flirted with Malcolm outrageously but Sandi had been given the cold shoulder. "We're not in high school anymore! You can't act like some lovesick teenager! How many times do I have to say it, I was not flirting with Malcolm, we're friends, that's all!" she moaned shaking her head. "I am a lovesick teenager!" Darlene spat, "Okay maybe not a teen but I do love him, well really like him, but, oh you know what I mean" she said annoyed.

Sandi gasped, in mock astonishment, "It speaks!" she teased Darlene. Darlene only scowled in response as she shoved the last of her pancake into her mouth. Sandi sighed, but there was a slight hint of smile on Darlene's face and she knew she was forgiven. She also knew Darlene didn't really like Malcolm for Malcolm, she liked him for what he could give her. His family were ridiculously rich and while it helped that he was a really good looking guy, Sandi knew it was the money that attracted Darlene to him. There had been plenty of jocks in high school, but she'd latched onto Malcolm because he fit the "stereotype" she wanted, pretty little rich boy.
She thought Darlene would have grown out of her little crush by now as Malcolm didn't appear to be reciprocating her feelings and Darlene hated rejection, but not this time. It seemed to make Darlene want him more. Sandi actually felt bad for Darlene, she could see this wasn't going to end well but she knew Darlene would never listen to reason, she never did. Sandi figured this was one that Darlene was going to have to figure out on her own.


"And then he said I was sleeping with you, and something about used goods and I.. I.. I kinda slapped him" Kaci sighed. Hiding her burning face in her hands. She was ashamed of herself, she'd never done anything like that in her life but he'd just made her so mad she saw red. "He said what?! Where did he go!" Mortimer shouted, aggravated and ready to leap off of the bed to go find Sam. "No, Mortimer! Don't!" Kaci shouted, grabbing his arm and pulling him back, "Its fine, honestly, he's not worth it, you know he isn't" she reasoned. They were home alone, everyone was out at various places, Sam had been home earlier but his music had cut off abruptly and then they'd heard the front door close soon after.

She hadn't wanted to ruin the evening, they'd been out for a lovely meal and when they'd got back the house was empty apart from Sam. Kaci had suggested they grab a bottle of wine and take it upstairs. Mortimer didn't know it but tonight was the night. She was ready. Mortimer however, had noticed that things were more strained than usual between her and Sam and eventually he'd asked her about it and not wanting to hide anything from him, she'd told him everything. "Forget about him" she soothed, planting a soft kiss on his neck. "Sam who?" he mumbled smothering her with kisses and making her laugh. Then his kisses became more serious and they both felt the mood in the room change. She pulled him down on top of her and guided his hand towards the bottom of her sweater, but he left it there, he made no attempt to try and put his hand underneath it. He was driving her insane.

Suddenly he collapsed on top of her, "Dammit Kace I gotta pee" he moaned, Kaci sat up on her elbows and looked at him, "What now?" she asked, "Yea, like now, or the bed will be soaked and it won't be because I've spilled some wine" he said crawling off the bed backwards and running for the bathroom. Kaci flopped back and sighed. She loved the fact that Mortimer never tried to pressure her to go all the way with him, in fact at times he was even more cautious than she was, but she'd made her mind up. She wanted to sleep with him, tonight, she was ready. Which was why she'd made sure she'd put on the lingerie set she'd purchased from Simtoria Secret before they left. Her heart was pounding, what she was about to do was so out of character for her but she guessed it was the only way she could make how she felt about him clear. She took massive gulp from her glass of wine for courage, wincing as it burned the back of the throat. Carefully she stepped out of her clothes, smiling as she could hear him singing to himself. She twisted her hair up so it was out of her face and stuck a hair grip in to hold it there then she dimmed his light switch, laid on his bed and waited. It felt like an eternity, but she heard the bathroom door eventually open and then she heard his footsteps come softly padding down the hall. "Soo where were... " His voice stopped his eyes adjusted in the light and his brain began to register what it was seeing...

"Kace.. Wow" he said, rooted to she spot, she was so beautiful his breath caught in his chest. "Dude get a grip" he scolded himself mentally, shaking himself out of his trance, "Kace, are you... are you sure?" he asked, he genuinely didn't want her to do anything she wasn't ready to. "I'm sure" she nodded shyly, her sudden burst of confidence slowly dissipating, she felt self conscious, but she fought the feeling and leaned back to make room for him. She didn't need to tell him twice.

He took his clothes off so slowly Kaci felt she might die, a slight smirk on his lips. He was teasing her and he knew she knew it. Slowly he crawled onto the bed and kissed his way up her body until his lips reached hers. 

The kissed for what felt like hours but could have only have been a few minutes, he teased her mouth in such way she felt as though her whole body was melting. He'd kissed her passionately before, but never like this, it excited her and made every inch of her skin come alive. Grabbing her hands, he lifted them above her head, holding them there with one hand while he caressed her breasts his other hand and lips. Kaci moaned slightly and suddenly he stopped. She wondered what was wrong. He looked down at her and smiled slightly, but then his expression turned serious.

"Kaci, I know I keep asking, but are you 100 percent sure you want to do this? Don't feel like because you've come this far you have to, I will totally understand if you've changed your mind" he told her. She didn't even need to think about it. She loved him and that was all that mattered. "I'm sure" she nodded, lifting her head slightly so she could kiss him on the lips. He reached behind her back and unhooked her bra in one swift move, exposing her breasts to him. Taking it off, he dropped it next to the bed and took her nipple into his mouth making her cry out. She felt like her nipple was ready to explode, he'd made it so hard she almost couldn't stand the feeling on his soft mouth on her. He stopped kissing her nipple and began to make his way down her body with his lips, leaving at hot tingly trail everywhere they brushed. He stopped when he got to her underwear and began to take them off of her slowly. She held her breath this was it, she was no longer about to be a member of the elite social group of virgins. But he didn't make a move to grab a condom from his dresser. Instead he began to kiss his way back up her legs until he reached her thighs where he stopped and drove her insane with the tip of his tongue. She loved what he was doing, but she didn't understand it, she was about to ask him when he began to caress the most intimate place on her body with his tongue making her gasp out loud. Her back arched and she felt she couldn't take it, she was about to stop him when he grabbed her hands and held them firmly by her sides. 

She tried to tell him to stop but her mouth wouldn't form the words, she was frozen, he was caressing her so softly she wanted to cry. And then he found what he'd been looking for and his tongue began to move faster, more firmly, and Kaci felt an unfamiliar feeling rising deep within her, moaning loudly she writhed under him but he just held her tighter until her body exploded and she felt like her back might break, he didn't stop, he just kept on until she finally collapsed back onto the bed, breathing hard. He looked up at her and smiled. Kaci pulled him to her, in an orgasmic daze, she kissed him hard, their tongues colliding as she felt his hardness pressing against her.  She drew an imaginary pattern from his belly button to the waist of his briefs with her finger tip and she felt him tense as her hand lingered there, she wasted no time and began to caress his hardness, softly and first and then with a little more vigor. He kissed her harder and eventually she let go of him and began to slide his briefs down his legs. 
He kicked them off, and reluctantly tore himself away from her lips to grab a condom. She watched him roll one on and for a brief moment, panic encapsulated her. There was no way he was going to fit inside her, but she told herself to relax as he kissed her stomach and made his way back to up her mouth again.
"You ready babe?" he asked, looking down at her. She nodded, her voice failed her, she couldn't answer him, she just kept telling herself to relax. They began to kiss gently and then she felt him, pushing his way inside of her. The pain took her breath away and she inhaled sharply. It hurt like hell but she told herself to take a deep breath and relax. "Kace, are you okay? Do you wan't me to stop?" Mortimer asked her. She shook her head, and then let out a deep breath, "No... no, it's okay, don't stop" she breathed. He began kissing her again as he continued to push into her. He was very well endowed and Kaci was in so much pain she was actually contemplating abandoning the idea altogether when they both felt something give way and she flinched slightly, he kissed her harder and they both lay still, neither of them moving. Then he began to move his hips back and forth, tantalizingly slowly, and while it still hurt somewhat, it wasn't nearly as bad. He kissed her neck and she began to moan slightly, the pain and the pleasure almost too much to bear.

He was moving so gently her hardened nipples just about brushed against his smooth skin, driving him insane. She felt incredible underneath him, his fingers were exploring every curve of her body, "Kaci..." he moaned as she slowly began to move with him, their bodies merging as one, and then words failed him.
It felt so different to how it had with all those other girls, his senses seemed so much more in tune, everything felt like it was in high definition, the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed hard, her quiet moans sounded like music to his ears, at first he didn't understand why he felt like this, and then it sunk in, it was because he was in love with her. Those other girls had just been something to do when there was nothing to do, or he'd given in because they kept on at him, but he hadn't loved them, not one. 

She arched her back then tensed as he went even deeper, she wasn't expecting it, but hearing his breath catch in his throat made her moan, knowing that she was the reason he was making those bliss filled sounds. Running her fingers through his hair, she pulled him towards her and wrapped her legs around him, making him moan out loud. "Oh my God baby" he mumbled breathlessly, genuinely lost for words.

He wrapped his arm underneath her and held her tightly, she had no idea what she was doing to him, he never had a problem lasting but if she wasn't careful, she was about to change that. In one swift move, he turned her over so she was sitting on top of him.

Kaci gasped as she felt the full effect of him inside her, but from here she was in control. She kissed him harder, more hungrily and tugged on his top lip, driving him wild, but he had to remind himself that this was her first time, he couldn't do what he wanted to, so he took it slow. Kaci pushed him back onto the bed and he grabbed her thighs, moving in and out of her until her she began to moan louder and her breathing started to quicken.

He leaned up and took her nipple in his mouth, teasing it until she could take no more. He wasn't sure he could hold out much longer, she had no idea how she good to felt to him. Suddenly, she gasped his name, "Mort. . . I. . .I'm gonna. . ." he turned her back over and began to go a little harder and faster, until her moans turned to cries of ecstasy, making him do the same.

He collapsed on top of her, both of them breathing hard. Kaci couldn't speak, never in a million years had she imagined her first time would be like this. It took her breath away. He rolled off of her and she snuggled up to him, they lay there for a few minutes, listening as their breathing slowly returned to normal. He got up and pulled on his briefs, passing Kaci one of his sweaters, she slid it on and then lay back down on him, her legs entwined with his, her foot resting on his. He kissed her forehead and stroked her hair.

Neither of them spoke for a while, eyes closed, taking in what had just happened between them, Mortimer eventually broke the lull. "You okay Kace?" he asked quietly. "I'm fine" she whispered. They fell silent again. "Was it how you thought it would be?" he asked. Kaci could hear the nervousness in his voice. It made her smile, to see him second guessing himself like that but there was no need. "It was better than I ever imagined" she said, and she could almost feel the smile forming on his lips as felt him finally relax. "I love you Kaci" he whispered sleepily. She smiled again and then whispered it back, as her eyelids grew heavier and they both fell into a blissful sleep. 

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