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The Lighthouse; Part 4, Chapter 8: Trick or Treat?

Kaci had been sitting on the sofa with Sandi, Mortimer and Malcolm for the last half an hour. There was undeniable tension between Malcolm and Sandi but she couldn't work out why. Sandi wouldn't look at him for more than two seconds yet Malcolm couldn't take his eyes off of her. Eventually, Malcolm stood and stretched, "Guys, I'm going to bed, I'll see you in the morning" he yawned, Mortimer got up too, kissed Kaci on the cheek and announced he was taking a shower. "I'll be up in a minute" she called after him as she slid across the sofa towards Sandi. Neither of them spoke. Kaci just sat staring at Sandi who was trying her hardest to avoid her eyes. Eventually she cracked.
"Okay, okay, you win!" Sandi huffed. Kaci smiled at her smugly and waited for her to continue. "Don't kill me... Malcolm, kindakissedme"  she mumbled, flopping back into the chair, covering her hands with her face. "He what?!" Kaci exclaimed almost falling off the edge of her chair. "Oh my God, how? when? why?!" she asked firing questions at Sandi.

"Last night, after you and Mort went back inside, he came out, and we were talking about this 'girl' he likes and he said the 'girl' was me and then he kissed me and oh my god what am I going to do? Darlene. . .", she groaned. "Darlene..." Kaci gasped. "Darlene" they both sighed together and then began to laugh. "Okay, in all seriousness, forget Darlene, she'll be mad for a minute and then get over it, you know how she is, the question is, do you like him too?" Kaci asked softly. "... Yeah, I do, and it scares the shit outta me. I've never felt like that for anyone, it was like, when he kissed me, everything changed. That isn't me Kace, you know it isn't. I don't do feelings and all of a sudden I've got so many I don't know what to do with them" she gestured wildly. Neither of them spoke for a while, both lost in their own thoughts. Kaci was happy Malcolm and Sandi liked each other, even if they were an odd match. They were so similar yet so different it was hard to see how it would work, but Kaci had every faith it would, it really just depended on whether or not Sandi was ready to commit. "Please don't tell anyone Kace, well I don't mind Mort knowing but definitely not Darlene, not yet, not until I figure out what this is" Sandi pleaded. "Hey, my lips are sealed", Kaci smiled.

"Erm, where are you going?" Darlene asked suspiciously. Sam looked her up and down, "Oh how original, the blonde bombshell is dressed as the blonde bombshell for Halloween" Sam replied sarcastically. "and hmm, lets see if we can rub the two brain cells you have left together shall we? It's Spooky Day, I'm dressed like a hot dog", pausing he winked at her, and then continued, "Therefore I must going to the Fall Festival, which is where I assume your going too? Unless this is another on of your sad attempts to make that brick-head fall in love with you" he fluttered his eyelashes and smiled at her mockingly.

"Oh shut up!" she snapped, flopping down onto the sofa and crossing her long legs. Sam eyed Darlene up and down, Damn, he thought. If Bella wasn't basically living with him, he'd have definitely slept with her. Okay, so she couldn't stand him but women never could resist him for long. Besides, it made the sex so much more fun. He raised his eyes to hers and saw her watching him. He shrugged and flashed her a devilish grin. "Ugh" she sighed and rolled her eyes. Where the hell is everyone? she thought to herself, what she really meant was where was Sandi. Sandi and Kaci had gotten dressed together, Kaci had asked Darlene to get ready with them but she declined, using the excuse of soaking in the bathtub. In reality she didn't think she could stand to be around Sandi right now, but it was the sound of Kaci squealing at Sandi's outfit that got her attention. She was dying to see what it was. and as if Sandi heard her, she came down the stairs. Sams jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw Sandi's figure hugging outfit, but Darlene was fuming. After seeing what she'd seen the night before between Sandi and Malcolm, this was the icing on the cake. It was like Sandi was purposely trying to outdo her. And what was it with Sandi, that had men, even men that couldn't stand her like Sam, falling over themselves to get to her?

The words were out before she could stop them.,"Oh wow, that's a bit slutty isn't it, even for you" she deadpanned, giving Sandy the once over. "What the hell Darlene?! What is your problem?" Mortimer asked seriously, his patience with Darlene was wearing thin but especially when she insulted Sandi, she was like a sister to him and he hated to hear anyone put her down, besides, he knew Darlene was just jealous, Sandi did looked amazing not slutty. Behind Darlene, Bella stifled an astonished laugh and Sam's jaw hit the floor again, only this time in shock "Ooh, trouble in paradise" he said, only half joking. Sandi narrowed her eyes at Darlene, but she decided to play her game, tilting her head to side and flashing a sickly sweet smile she said, "Well you would know now wouldn't you?"
Sam burst out laughing as Darlene turned as red a her lipstick. She crossed her arms and said nothing but inside she was seething. Malcolm came down and nearly tripped over his feet when he saw Sandi which only proceeded to make Darlene even madder. She stomped into the kitchen to call a cab but more so to get away from Sandi. "Wow, you look hooot- I mean nice outfit" he corrected himself, hastily changing the topic,
"Uh, so where's Kaci?" KACIII" he bellowed but she was already at the bottom of the stairs. 

"I'm HERREE!" she bellowed back jokingly. "Oh hello there. . ." Mortimer winked making her laugh,  "Hey thank Sandi, this is all her doing"  she smiled shyly, trying to ignore the daggers Bella was shooting at her because Sam was staring, and if he kept it up, his eyes were going to fall out of his head at any moment. "Well you look hooot- I mean nice outift" he said, mimicking Malcolm and dodging a punch Malcolm was aiming at him, "So, you ready?" he asked. Before Kaci could answer Darlene cut in,  "Yea, Bella and Sam are coming in our cab" Darlene said nonchalantly,  as she sauntered towards the front door. Flinging it open she stalked down the stairs, not bothering to wait for a reply. Bella stared after her, wide eyes and stunned into silence. What is Darlene up to? she thought.  "We are?" Sam asked, genuinely confused. Mortimer bristled, and called after Darlene "Hey! What the hell is your-" but Kaci cut him off, "Babe, just leave it, its fine, we don't have to hang around with them do we?" She whispered, a forced smile on her face. "Come on, lets go".


"Step right up, step right up! Pie eating contest, winner gets a hundred bucks!" Malcolm and Mortimer looked at each other simultaneously. "We're in!" Malcolm called. "Alrighty, we got two contenders, I need one more, hey, sir, you!" Mortimer and Malcolm looked up to see the man half pulling a very reluctant Sam over to them. Malcolm rolled his eyes and Mortimer groaned under his breath, "Really dude?" he muttered. "Look, now we gotta win this, there's no way we can let that jerk win, you ready?" Malcolm asked as the guy began to countdown. "3....2.....1.....EAT!"

Bella didn't know what was going on between Darlene and Sandi but the two appeared to have put it behind them as they laughed loudly while they bobbed for apples. Surprisingly, she wished she was standing there with them, laughing along with whatever 'insiders only' joke they were sharing. Ever since they'd been teens and she'd gotten with Sam behind Kaci's back, true friends had been far and few between. No one wanted her around, people she'd thought were friends had turned their back on her, and even though they were all older now, that hadn't changed. She couldn't say she missed it all the time but she did miss having someone else besides to Sam to tell her deepest darkest secrets to.

 She wouldn't say she was in love with Sam, they had a love hate relationship, but their attraction to each other was undeniably electric. When they were in bed together, it was like a power struggle, the same as their relationship, but that's how she liked it, sometimes she liked to be dominated, sometimes she like to do the dominating. She did wonder what her life would have been like if she'd never wormed her way in and stolen Sam from Kaci. Maybe she'd have been the one dating a rock stars son who was soon to be a doctor. Mortimer and herself had been close for a time, but then she'd been distracted by Sam and hadn't given him a second glance. She knew it was pointless now though, he was smitten with Kaci. But maybe she could change that, a faint smile crossed her lips, for one night if nothing else.
It began to rain and the girls put their umbrella's up, "I told you it would rain!" Darlene moaned, "Ugh, my shoes are going to be ruined!" she said dramatically, trying to stand on her tiptoes. The girls looked over at Bella, who was flirting outrageously with Sam, grabbing his hand and running his fingers across the hem of her short cheerleader skirt. He grabbed and began to kiss her in a way that made even Sandi cringe.

They watched she led him to the haunted house, he caught them staring and winked. Sandi flipped him off. Darlene rolled her eyes but Kaci's expression didn't change, it was as if she was looking straight through him. In reality she'd seen him, she just refused to give him the satisfaction of responding. "Ugh that girl is so fast and loose!" Sandi exclaimed. "Takes one to know one" Darlene smirked. "Okay, why don't you take that stick outta your ass and tell me whats bothering you?!" Sandi snapped turning to face Darlene. "Woah guys! Calm down" Kaci jumped in between them and shot Darlene a confused look. She didn't know what was up with her but she'd been off with Sandi all night. "Forget it, I'm sorry" Darlene shook her head. But she wasn't, she just knew she was going to have the last laugh when she had Malcolm all to herself. She couldn't wait to see the look on Sandi's face. She'd resigned herself to the fact that Malcolm would probably sleep with Sandi and move on. There was no way he could be looking for anything serious with her and while the thought of them together irritated her to no end, she knew that sometimes you had to make sacrifices to get what you wanted in the end so it was fine. She'd just bide her time and wait. When he'd gotten what he wanted, Darlene would be waiting with open arms to show him the meaning of a real relationship. The boys wandered over, face covered in the jam filling from the pies. "You girls ready?" they asked hurriedly, squinting in the rain, "It's only gonna get worse" Malcolm said, jumping under Sandi's umbrella and putting his arm around her. Darlene pretended she didn't see. The girls nodded and they made a mad dash for the road so they could hail a cab and get back into their warm dry house.


When they eventually got home, they were soaked through. Kaci ran upstairs first to have a shower and Mortimer followed soon after. Malcolm quickly got the boys shower so everyone else had to wait. Darlene didn't want to sit down as she was dripping wet. A few minutes later Bella and Sam arrived back. He slapped Bella's ass and walked up the stairs. She flashed him a flirtatious smile and said she'd follow him up in a minute, he looked at her confused but then carried on up anyway. She waited until Sandi wandered into the kitchen and then she whispered to Darlene.

"You know" she said, seductively, making Darlene blink twice, was Bella flirting? With her? She pushed the thought from her mind, Bella was just a natural flirt, she couldn't help it. Darlene wasn't even interested in girls but she could see how people found Bella hard to resist. "You'd have more success with Malcolm if you just relaxed a little, still be sexy, but flirt a little more, discreetly, play hard to get, and he won't be able to keep his hands off of you," she whispered, running her finger tip down Darlene's fore arm. Before Darlene could answer, Bella had gone upstairs, a devious smile on her face. They called her a 'trouble maker' for a reason. And she was about to live up to her name. 

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