Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Lighthouse; Part 4, Chapter 10: Skinny Love

"Bottoms UP!" Malcolm shouted over the blaring music of the nightclub. It was Saturday, and they'd decided to head into Bridgeport for a night out, to dance their cares away before they were back to grind on Monday. "Oh my God? OH MY GOD! Its her! The model from the SimVogue Cover!" The girls came over and asked Sandi for a picture, she smiled politely and took one with them, getting them to pull crazy poses. When she was done, she turned to find her friends beaming with pride. "What?" she asked, bewildered. "Nothing, we're just all so proud of you" Mortimer grinned. She smiled back, genuinely touched, "Right, next rounds on me, 1, 2, 3, DRINK!"

An hour later, the club was in full swing, and Sandi's new found 'celebrity' status managed to get them a VIP booth and dancing area. "There's perks to this shit you know!" she said, giggling like a school girl as she pulled Kaci up onto the couch next to her and they began to dance wildly. Mortimer loved it when Kaci let loose, it warmed his heart to see her so care free. That's how he wanted their lives to stay, he didn't want the kind if relationship his parents had. A strained marriage in a loveless household. He went to bathroom and when he came back he couldn't see Sandi, Malcolm or Kaci anywhere. He spotted Darlene and was about to ask where the others were when he saw what she was looking at and stopped dead in his tracks.

He tried to stifle a laugh and almost choked. "Uh, know where Kaci is?" he shouted over the music, trying to avert Darlene's gaze. "Bathroom" she answered not missing a beat. "Ah, I see her!" he said, quickly walking away. He couldn't believe what he had just seen. Well he could, he just couldn't believe Malcolm was being so open about it. He was basically erasing Sandi's lips from her face, and Sandi, well she wasn't putting up much of a fight.

Darlene was madder than a bull in a china shop. She tried to regain her composure but she was failing miserably, she couldn't take her eyes off that slut. How could Malcolm have fallen for that 'woe is me' act so easily? She thought he was smarter than that, obviously not. She had a good mind to go over there and 'accidentally' spill her drink over Sandi so she could make her move, only problem was she didn't have one and she couldn't see the waitress tending to them in the VIP area anywhere, she gone to get Malcolm another drink a while ago. Even Kaci and Mortimer were beginning to grate on her, they were so in love in made her nauseous. For a moment she felt a pang of jealousy, it wasn't that she was jealous of Kaci, she just wished she had someone who loved her half as much a Mortimer loved Kaci.

She could have, but Sandi had nuzzled her way in. Dammit! she thought. I'll put an end to that, Ha. she laughed to herself. Then her eyes narrowed, Sandi French, I'm about to kick you off your pedestal, enjoy the fall.

"Soo, what do you think Malc's got planned?" Kaci asked as she finished proof reading her assignment. The girls had been holed up in her room for the last two hours. They'd originally planned to go shopping but the incessant rain had put an end to that. "I don't know" Sandi sighed looking up from the book she was half reading. "We were meant to meet after you and I had finished shopping but we're obviously not now." At the same moment, her phone went off and she smiled as she read the message.

Kaci turned to look at her, "Erm, who's that Missy and what's with the grin?" she teased. "Malcolm, meet me downstairs" Sandi read the message to Kaci, a slightly confused expression encasing her features. Kaci grinned, "Oooh, this is so exciting! Well go on, go!" she ushered a bewildered Sandi from her room laughing as she did, "Have fun!" she whispered after her.

Sandi descended the stairs into the living room and was greeted by the dim light of candles scattered about the room and the sound of music playing softly. She was confused by the sight of a picnic basket in the middle of the floor. Malcolm was nowhere to be found but he snuck up behind her and made her jump.

"Malc! You scared me!" she punched him lightly on the arm. He feigned serious injury but he was laughing. "So..." she gestured around the room. "Ah, this" he laughed. "I had planned for us to have a picnic but yea, the rain kicked that idea into touch. Sooo, I thought, why not have it here" he shrugged casually but Sandi could tell he was nervous. She said nothing for a second, then she pulled him into a hug and kissed him gently on the cheek. "Its perfect" she smiled, "Lets eat".

"It's just, I don't know, I kinda feel bad and on the other hand I don't. I know she likes you and she's liked you for a while, but, I know Darlene, part of me thinks she has an ulterior motive" Sandi sighed. As much she disliked Darlene at times, she never wanted to be the cause of her unhappiness. Malcolm on the other hand couldn't care less. "She does have an ulterior motive. I'm rich and that's all there is too  it. Darlene see's money. She see's a care free life. What I see is a self centered gold digger" he said not holding back. Sandi chewed her food slowly and nodded. As much as she would have liked to stand up for Darlene. He was right. "And besides, she's not what I want, not even close" he said, smiling at Sandi in a way that made her heart melt a little, but just a little. She was definitely taking this slowly. They finished eating and cleared away the remaining food. Malcolm sat on the floor and gently pulled her down so she was resting on him.

They sat for a while, both of them listening as the music played in the background.

 Come on skinny love, just last the year
 Pour a little salt, you were never here
 My my my, my my my, my my my....

Sandi closed her eyes, "I love this song" she smiled. "Me too" Malcolm smiled back as he softly rubbed her shoulder with his finger tips. Before they knew it it was one o'clock the morning. The house was quiet, everyone must have gone to sleep. Sandi stood up and stretched. "Well, I guess I better go to bed, I've got a photo shoot tomorrow and bags under my eyes is not a good look" she laughed. Malcolm smiled and stood up to. "Yea that's probably a good idea, I've got lectures tomorrow" he rolled his eyes. He loved the practical side of his work and loathed the academic, but he'd been like that all through high school and still managed to finish with a perfect GPA. He was a smart kid, even if he did act like the joker most of the time. He pushed a button on the remote and music stopped. There was silence between them but it wasn't awkward. Sandi leaned forward and hugged him. Then she kissed him on the lips and caught him off guard, he really wasn't expecting it, but he wrapped his arms around her lightly and kissed her back.

"Thank you" she said when they stopped. "For what?" Malcolm asked, a slight smile on his lips. "An amazing night" she smiled back, "Night" she whispered as she turned and went up to her room. "Night" he whispered back, and as he watched her go. He knew he was so far gone, there was no coming back.

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