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The Lighthouse; Part 4, Chapter 11: Tough Luck (End of Part 4)

"YOU WHAT?!" Sandi exploded. "Dude, your telling me you added her name to the lease? Without even asking us?!" Mortimer chimed in. "You gotta be kidding me!" Darlene shouted annoyed. Kaci just stood and rolled her eyes, nothing surprised her with Sam anymore. "Whats the big fucking deal? She practically lives here anyway-" Sam shouted back but he was interrupted by a furious Mortimer. " Yea rent fucking free! Is she even gonna pay?" he asked.

Sam just sighed and shook his head. He knew they wouldn't like it but he hadn't expected a reaction like this. Tough shit, he thought to himself. His dad owned the property, he could put an elephant on the lease if he wanted to, there was nothing they could do about it. What his dad didn't know however was that he hadn't actually gotten their permission like his father told him to, but whatever, what's done was done. "Look, you guys are just gonna have to get over it" Sam shrugged them off. "So when is she actually moving in?!" Kaci asked, a disgusted look on her face. At the exact same moment, Bella sauntered in through the kitchen and dropped her bags in the door way. "Sam the rest of my stuffs in the car could you get it- oh, I sense some tension in the air" she said mockingly. "Smile guys, is something wrong?" she asked innocently, a wicked smile on her face.

She walked over to Sam, and gave him a long explicit kiss, "I'll be upstairs baby..." she said suggestively. "Bye guys, so nice to officially be part of this household, let the fun begin..." she teased as she began to ascend the stairs. Sam was already on his way outside to get the rest of her things. "Fuck fuck FUCK!" Sandi fumed, "What are we gonna do?" she asked. "Nothing" Kaci answered calmly, a hint of a knowing smile forming on her lips "We're gonna do nothing, because that? That's whats gonna piss them off the most"


Later that night, Kaci and Mortimer lay on Mortimers bed. Neither of them spoke, they were both in worlds of their own, Kaci gently tracing patterns on Mortimers firm chest while he rubbed the small of her back softly. "Kace, what do you really think about Bella moving in here?" Mortimer murmured. Kaci thought for a few seconds before she answered. "I don't really care, but I do want to see a copy of the lease, just to make sure she actually has a right to be here". Mortimer nodded in agreement and then said no more about it. As long as she paid her way, he didn't care either. What annoyed him the most was that Sam hadn't even had the decency to tell them before hand. He'd just sprung it on them at the very minute she's moving her stuff in like, this is what it is, deal with it. He tensed at the thought. " Babe" Kaci interrupted his thoughts. "Lets do something to take our minds off of those two . . ." she suggested. "Like wha- Oooh, yea, lets" he said and she laughed as he rolled on top of her and they began to kiss.


Kaci woke early the next morning, the house was still quiet and Mortimer was sound asleep. She stretched and grabbed his shirt, throwing it over her naked body as she sleepily made her way to the bathroom. As she stepped outside of his room Bella jumped, presumably on her way to the bathroom too. "Shit Kaci you scared me" she whispered. Kaci said nothing, just stared at her and turned to go back into Mortimers room.

"Wait!" Bella called and then wished she hadn't. She didn't have a clue what to say to Kaci, they hadn't spoken properly since they were teens. Kaci just stood, rubbing her neck and staring at her. "Look" Bella began, "I don't want things to be, um, awkward between us, you know? I know what I did was wrong but I've seriously changed, I'd never do that to you again, to anyone, it's just, well, I don't know". Kaci still stood staring at Bella and saying nothing. She didn't believe Bella for a second, she still knew her like the palm of her hand. She was a snake, it was just her nature. Bella didn't do nice. Kaci decided to test the waters, just to see if she really had changed.

"You know Bella, I really don't care what you do. But for the record, you couldn't take Mortimer if you tried, I mean no offence, but Sam's just, well you know, he would have slept with anything that was thrown at him". It gave her no pleasure to be so mean but Bella's reaction was all she needed to see. 
"What? Are you like, for real right now?" She took a step back and looked Kaci up and down, "He'd have slept with anything because he had you for a girlfriend, I don't have that problem" she glowered at Kaci. Kaci said nothing but gave her a pitying look and then she half laughed half sighed. "I knew you hadn't changed, not one bit" Kaci shook her head. Bella opened her mouth to speak and then the realization dawned. She'd been had. Anger took over and the words flew out of her mouth before she could stop them. 

"You think you're so fucking perfect, you always have, walking around like your life is just a fucking dream, like you're better than everyone else, like you're fucking untouchable. Well let me tell you something sweetie, your not!" She spat venomously. "You think you and Mortimer have the perfect relationship? Ha, well you just wait until he gets bored of you, because, believe me, he will, just like Sam did, and when he does, who knows? I might just be waiting" Bella laughed viciously. Kaci wanted to slap her but she didn't. Instead she laughed which only proceeded to make Bella angrier. Sam burst out of his door, "What the hell's going on?!" he hissed quietly, trying not to wake anyone else. 

Bella snapped her lips shut tight, clearly not going to explain anything to Sam. She never took her eyes off of Kaci. Kaci gave her one last withering look before she turned to Sam and said, "I actually feel sorry for you" as she shook her head and walked into the bathroom. Sam turned to Bella, confused, "Well?" he pressed. "Ugh nothing, come back to bed", Bella purred, and just like that, all seemed to be forgotten.


Sam put the leftovers from the autumn salad Bella had made in the refrigerator as Bella finished watching the dishes. It had been a few days since her little bust up with Kaci and she still hadn't told him why they'd argued. He decided to ask her, the sight of her in those tight jeans almost distracted him but he shook the thoughts from his head as she walked over to her.

He slid up behind her and pushing her hair away, kissed her neck. Being near her was electric, she could feel the effect being pressed up to him was having already. "Soo, you gonna tell me what went on between you and Kaci or what?" he asked casually, his fingers resting on the waist of her low rider jeans. "It was nothing I swear-" Bella gasped as Sam slid his hands past her jeans, under her underwear and found what he wanted. He breathing became erratic and her knees were weak. 

"It was nothing babe" she began to breathe even heavier as his hand moved faster. Suddenly he stopped, "I don't think it was nothing, but I'm not gonna continue until you tell me the truth" he said, flicking her earlobe with his tongue and beginning to take his hand away. Bella groaned and pinned his arm where it was, "No don't stop" she breathed and she felt his fingers caressing her smooth skin. "It was about you, she's still hung up on what happened" she lied. Sam knew she was but he didn't want to stop, he wanted to know the truth but at that moment he wanted Bella more. If people hadn't been at home he'd have done her right there on the kitchen floor. He breathing was becoming quicker and harder. He spun her around and there was a fire in her eyes and yearning expression on her face.

Sam loved the control he had over her. He knew exactly which buttons press. She pulled him in and kissed him hungrily. "Lets go upstairs" she murmured. "Already there" he murmured back. He'd find out what was said one way or another. He'd make sure of that.

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