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The Lighthouse; Part 4, Chapter 9: Smoke and Mirrors

"Last one in can lick my boots!" Sandi laughed, shouting over shoulder as she raced ahead of the others towards the warm sky blue water. The four of them had decided to go the beach on the last day before they returned to their normal hectic schedules. Darlene couldn't come, she had to work. She'd done all she could to get out of it but in the end her boss had said that if she didn't show, she would lose her job. She made a point of telling Malcolm that she was upset at missing the chance to see his beach body, and then made a dig at Sandi, something about girls throwing themselves at him. Sandi couldn't remember what, she'd tuned out by that point.

If anything she'd been doing the opposite with Malcolm, avoiding him at every opportunity. Truth was she was afraid of where this whole thing between them might or might not lead. On one hand, she didn't want to ruin a perfect friendship, but on the other she was afraid to let herself see what could happen between them. Pushing the thoughts to the back of her mind, she quickly shrugged out of her clothes and dived into the water. When she eventually came back up, the boys were wading in and Kaci had swum straight past her.

She protested in mock annoyance and was about to swim up to Kaci when Mortimer dunked her under the water and swam past her as well. Spluttering and wiping water from her eyes, she regained her balance and felt something brush against her. Without turning around she knew who it was. He sent chills through her body, it was electrifying. "You can't avoid me forever" Malcolm whispered, a slight smirk on his face. "Oh yeah?... Watch me" she laughed, splashing water in his face and swimming away before he could catch her.

It was beginning to get dark and the previously warm water was starting to catch an icy chill. Winter was definitely approaching. Kaci shivered and Mortimer suggested they head home. She called over her shoulder to Malcolm and Sandi who might not have even known the other two existed. He'd been dunking her into the water all afternoon. Which was nothing new for those two, but Kaci and Mortimer both noticed the lingering looks her gave her and the way she avoided actually having a conversation with him by pushing him into the water. It was tiring to watch, so who knew how they felt.

The sky had slowly changed from an inflamed red to a peaceful shade of purple. The light from the lighthouse came on and began its slow, watchful rotation over the beach and the waters further beyond filling Kaci with a warmth like no other. She sighed happily as she turned to follow Mortimer and headed towards their clothes.


They made it home, exhausted, but happy for the new memories they'd made with each other. They showered and were supposed to come back down to watch the Sunset Valley Llamas play the Appaloosa Plains Bronco's. Malcolm followed Sandi down the stairs and they both flopped onto the sofa, neither of them saying much but for different reasons.

Malcolm, because as much as he played this cool, calm and collected guy, when it came to Sandi, he was the complete opposite. She just threw everything he knew about being "That guy" out of the window. Sandi was quiet because he brought out her softer side, something she had no clue she possessed and it frightened the life out of her, this was new territory, to actually feel something for someone. It threw her for a loop. After five minutes of twiddling their thumbs, Malcolm cleared his throat and spoke. "Where are those two?" he asked, Sandi shrugged, engrossed in the coin toss before the beginning of the game. Her phone vibrated and she absentmindedly picked it up. "Talk of the devil" she smiled, and then the smile vanished. She was going to kill Kaci. The message read, "We're gna watch the game in M's room, U 2 need to tlk. Do it! x", what Sandi actually told Malcolm was "Kace says they're gonna watch the game upstairs, they need to talk" she laughed naughtily. So what if she threw Kaci under the bus. Payback was always sweet. "Wha- Oooh" Malcolm laughed. "That dirty dog" he chuckled. "So... Uh, popcorn?" he asked, getting up off the sofa, "Yea, Salty, and a soda" she demanded, he raised his eyebrow at her and laughed, "Ugh... Please" she smiled sarcastically, fluttering her eyelashes.


The game nearly over and they'd done nothing but eat popcorn and scream at the tv screen. The Llama's were down by 5 with a minute left on the clock. Malcolm snuck a glance at Sandi, she was on the edge of her seat. He threw a piece of popcorn at her. "Wha- Dude! Really?!" She grabbed a handful and threw it back. Malcolm half laughed half gasped at her. "Right that's it" he got up and scooped her up off the sofa and began tickling her. She began to laugh hysterically, "Stop Malcolm STOP!" she protested breathlessly. He flopped back down onto the sofa and she fell awkwardly on top of him. She was about to get up but he wrapped her arms around her and she was stuck. They barely heard the whistle blow indicating the end of the game. He held her gaze and wouldn't let go. Impulsively she raised her hand to his cheek and he kept moving his lips closer to hers. They met, and Sandi's skin felt like it was on fire. She felt Malcolm's formerly tense body relax underneath her.  And then, they were lost in each other. She knew there was no going back.

Neither of them heard the footsteps coming down the stairs. Or the small gasp that followed. Malcolm was totally lost in her, he knew he was falling, hard, but he didn't care. It just felt right. Like it was meant to be. Suddenly all those girls in his phone meant nothing. It was like they never existed. He wondered how he hadn't realized how he felt about her sooner. He'd been missing out on all of this for what? Easy girls with nice smiles and an even better ass. Never again. Sandi was all he needed. They jumped apart at the sound of a loud, pointed, yawn behind them.

"Uh, Darlene I-" Sandi started but Darlene cut her off, "Don't mind me, I was just getting a drink" She threw a sickeningly sweet smile at Sandi and turned her attention to Malcolm, "Hey gorgeous" she winked as she sauntered into the kitchen. "What was that?" Malcolm whispered when she was out of ear shot. "I don't know?! You think she saw?" Sandi whispered back. Malcolm shrugged. "I don't know and I don't care" he said, kissing Sandi's cheek. "But I'm going to bed, you coming?" he asked. "Yea" Sandi sighed absentmindedly, taking one last look over her shoulder at Darlene, but she had her back to her. "I'll see you in the morning" she said to Malcolm as he climbed the flight of stairs to his room. Shutting her door behind her, she sighed. She should be happy, and she was, but there was uneasy feeling she couldn't quite shake. Darlene had to have seen them. There was no way she didn't. And knowing Darlene, she'd make Sandi pay. The only question, was when.


Sam couldn't stand her anymore than she could stand him. But he wouldn't purposely throw a bag of her designer clothes away. "Sam, what the fuck, you cant just leave your shit by the front door in a black bag, what was I supposed the think? It was fucking garbage day for pete's sake!" Sandi shouted at Sam. Sam laughed haughtily, "Oh yea, thing is, you don't think do you?! Unless it involves a dick and you using some flavored lube as your lip gloss your not fucking interested! All you are is a dirty little skank and everyone knows it! You think Malcolm really likes you? No Sandi, all he wants is a piece of ass and your too fucking dick hungry to see otherwise!" He yelled back. Sandi was actually speechless for once. His words stung. Is that really what everyone saw her as? Some sex mad slut?

"What the hell?!" She heard Kaci shout as she came running down the stairs, Mortimer not far behind. And then before she could blink, Malcolm flew past her out of the kitchen. His fist connected with Sams jaw with a sickening crunch.

"Malcolm Don't!" Sandi screamed as she lunged forward and grabbed his arm, while Sam stood, visibly dazed and in shock. Kaci flew off the stairs to grab his other arm and Mortimer leapt over the sofa and in between the two. 
"Dont you EVER talk to her like that d'you hear me! Fucking scumbag, no one one wants you here and you fucking know it! What, is it your mission in life you make everyone around you as miserable as you are?! Sandi is worth ten of your slut girlfriend and you know it!" Malcolm bellowed at him angrily. He actually scared Sandi, and she wasn't frightened easily. Her and Kaci were having a hard time holding him back and while Mortimer was strong, Malcolm was stronger. Especially when he was mad.

"Oh, look, the fucking jock fell in love with the high school cum-bucket" Sam laughed derogatorily as he held his nose, and then laughed harder when Mortimer almost had to tackle Malcolm so he couldn't hit him again. 

"Hey, HEY! Dude! That guys not worth it trust me, ignore him, calm down and IGNORE him" Mortimer said forcefully. Holding Malcolm back was wearing him out, he felt sorry for the girls, their poor arms must have been exhausted. "Fucking come over here and say that to my face" Malcolm threatened, he only saw red and he couldn't stop. One of the unfortunate traits he inherited from his father. The thought made him pause for a second. He loathed the man and he wanted to be nothing like him. But just as the haze was lifting he saw the smirk on Sam's face and the red mist descended again.

"Get out" Mortimer said over his shoulder to Sam. "What?!" Sam exploded, "He's the one who assaulted me!" he shouted. "Oh I don't give a fuck, you asked for it now get the fuck out" Mortimer cut him off and pointed towards the door.

"Oh whatever, I'm gone, fucking losers" Sam sneered as he walked past them and slammed the front door behind him. They all breathed a sigh of relief. Malcolm sighed, "Sandi, Kace, I'm so sorry, I just, I just -" Kaci gave him a hug and squeezed him as hard she could, "Malcolm don't apologize, he's a jerk, you did what any of us would have done, just try to give us a little warning next time okay?" she joked trying to lighten the mood. Malcolm smiled, that was Kaci, never could stand confrontation. "She's right" Sandi agreed. Malcolm nodded and then said, "I'm just gonna go up to my room, but seriously, I'm sorry". Kaci and Sandi flopped onto the sofa but Mortimer remained standing. "I'm gonna go after him, just check he's really okay" he said, squeezing Sandi's arm and kissing Kaci on the forehead.


"Malc, you know you can't let him get to you like that, that's all he wants, any kind of reaction and he's jizzing in his pants. You gotta let it go" Mortimer said to Malcolm. They'd been in his room for the last twenty minutes talking. Mortimer knew Malcolm like the back of his hand and he knew he wasn't really about to let it go, but Malcolm surprised him by not putting up a fight. "I know dude, your right" he sighed resignedly. "For a second I thought about my Dad and I don't wanna go down that road. So I'll let it go, I can't say he won't get a mouthful from me if he tries that shit again but no more violence, I promise" he said, shaking the hurtful images of his dad losing his temper and smashing things from his head. "Good, because jail is one place I will not be going with you" Mortimer joked, punching him softly on the arm. Malcolm laughed, "Oh yeah?" The door knocked softly, "Can I come in?" they heard Sandi ask quietly. Mortimer smiled slyly at Malcolm, "Be careful with her" he winked, holding back at laugh at Malcolm's genuinely astounded expression. Malcolm opened his door and pushed Mortimer out of the room. "I'm just saying!" Mortimer called over his shoulder as he began to descend the stairs. "Well don't!" Malcolm yelled back. Sandi slid past Malcolm and waited as he came in and pushed the door softly behind him. "Whats up?" he asked. At the exact same moment, Sandi burst into tears. He pulled her to him and held her tight.

Seeing her cry killed him. He was trying hard to hold back tears himself. Eventually she spoke, her voice breaking every so often. "I just wanted to say thank you. No one's ever stuck up for me like that, and it... it.... meant a lot" she said quickly, trying to compose herself as she turned to go. Before she could, Malcolm grabbed her and pulled her back, his lips locked with hers and her muffled protests were silenced by his tongue slowly teasing hers.

He stopped for air and then he spoke, silencing her as his eyes burned into hers. "Your not any of those things and I wouldn't care if you were. I want you for you, fuck anyone else's opinion, wrong or right, I could care less, I just want you" he said kissing her again. They kissed again, unaware that someone was watching them through the crack in Malcolm's door, and if looks could kill, then Sandi didn't have long left.

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