Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Lighthouse; Part 5, Chapter 1: Playing Dirty

"So what time is this party starting?" Darlene asked as she sat down on the sofa. "Five o'clock- Aw shucks! You cheater!" Kaci shouted, her attention diverted by Sandi leaning across Mortimer and grabbing her control pad. Darlene clenched her teeth as Sandi laughed, the sound of her voice grated on her. She still hadn't gotten over the whole Malcolm/Sandi thing, and whenever Sandi had tried to broach the subject she'd avoided it or point blank ignored it. She was well aware she couldn't do it forever but she needed more time to put her plans into action. Which was why this party came in handy. She had a little surprise in store for them all. Granted she'd needed help to pull it off, but if all went well, Malcolm would be putty in her hands by the end of the night.


A few hours later and the party was in full swing, Darlene was absolutely wasted but it hadn't gone amiss that she and Bella seemed to be on speaking terms at least. Or that she appeared to be the best of friends with some mystery girl Bella had invited. Or that this mystery girl had made it her mission to speak to Malcolm all evening "Hey Kace, who's the chic with the black hair and the clown make up?" Sandi said dryly causing Kaci to almost choke on her food. She wiped her mouth and laughed as she regained her composure, "Sandi stop" she playfully scolded her friend, who just shrugged innocently, "I've never seen her before but I think she's a friend of Bella's" Kaci continued as she got up and put her plate in the sink, "Why?" she asked.

Sandi didn't answer her, and Kaci squeezed her shoulder as she walked past. "You've got nothing to worry about, trust me" she smiled. Sandi grunted an inaudible reply and Kaci laughed as she made her way to bathroom. Sandi sighed and leaned back in her chair, closing her ears to noise around her for a second. "sooo, hic- um, how are hic- you?" Darlene giggled, clearly intoxicated. Her head was going to be sore in the morning, Sandi was sure of it. She was drunk herself but nowhere near Darlene's level. "Good" she replied, forcing a smile. Truth was, she was sobering up by the second. The sight of Malcolm just talking to another girl made her stomach turn and she didn't like it. Darlene didn't say anything for a while, but then she looked over her shoulder and gasped.

"Oh my God Sandi.. he's..." Darlene squeaked. Sandi got up from the table but her stomach stayed where it was. She felt she might throw up. This wasn't like her. Only what she saw wasn't what she'd expected to see. "What the fuck are you doing?" Malcolm shouted as he dodged the girls advances, "I've got a fucking girlfriend, back off!". Granted he was drunk and his words were a little slurred but Sandi could see he meant every one of them.

She didn't need to look at Darlene to know that this was not she expected to happen. She could feel the vibe coming from her, it wasn't a happy one. "You need to leave, like now" Malcolm said sternly as he pushed the drunk girl back off of him. "What? Come oon baby, don't you wanna have a little fun?" she purred suggestively grabbing his jacket and pulling him in to her.
"No. I don't. So, take your hands off of me, back the fuck up. And get the fuck out. Three easy steps. Bye" he said, stepping back and straightening his jacket. "Ugh, whatever" she said and she drunkenly stumbled a little as she turned to go. Trying to regain her composure, she gave Bella a quick hug as she walked past, "Babe I'm gone, this parties lame as shit anyways",
 "What already?!" Bella protested. "Yea, the guys aren't as hot as I thought" she said, casting a dirty look in Malcolm's direction. Sandi moved forward to stand in the living room and stared as the girl walked past her.

The girl shot her a devilish smile and winked as she walked past. Sandi flashed her a fake smile back and flipped her off then watched as the angry girl stumbled to the door and tried to walk as best as she could down the stairs to hail a cab. "Woooo, there goes my baby! Lets dance!" Malcolm shouted, noticing her for for first time. She laughed and went to join him, pushing everything that had just happened to back of her mind. If actions spoke louder than words, then Malcolm had just passed the test.


The news had forecast snow all week but last night it had finally landed, covering Sunset Valley in a thick white blanket. It was still early December but they didn't care, they decided to put the tree and lights up anyway. Kaci had asked Darlene if she wanted to help but she'd said she wasn't feeling festive so Kaci left it at that. Darlene sat in the kitchen listening to the Christmas CD playing on the stereo and hearing their laughter wondering when they'd drifted so far apart. Deep down she knew it was slightly her fault and that she'd isolated herself but she never imagined it would have gotten this far. Her mind began to wander on the life she'd pictured with Malcolm, as far as she was concerned, Sandi had taken her place. The sound of a chair scraping next to her jolted her from her thoughts. But the person that sat down, jolted her even more. It was Bella, they hadn't spoken properly since the party weeks ago.

"So, erm, what's up?" Darlene asked casually. Bella sighed and then spoke, wasting no time getting straight to the point "Look I'm sorry things didn't go the way you planned at the party but Malcolm just wasn't interested. But I was thinking, there's something else you could try..."


It was late and the others had already gone up to bed, Malcolm wasn't tired so he'd stayed downstairs watching Monday Night Football. Bella came down to get a drink and was on her way back up when Malcolm called out to her. "Yes?" she answered. "Take a seat" he said after a few seconds. Bella didn't like his tone of voice. "I'd rather not-" she started but Malcolm abruptly cut her off. "I wasn't asking". Bella walked past him and sat on the couch. After a minute she asked "So, whats this about?" Malcolm didn't look at her the whole time he spoke.

"I'll keep it brief and simple seeing as that's all you understand. There are two things that I will not tolerate anybody fucking with. One, my family, two, my girl. Now I don't know what stunt you, Darlene and your little friend were trying to pull a few weeks ago, but let me make one thing very clear to you, you do it again, and I will make your life hell. And yes I mean your life, because we both know Darlene isn't smart enough to think of something like that on her own. So whatever she does, falls on you. You understand me?..." Bella was speechless, she had no clue where that had come from let alone that he actually suspected she had something to do with it. She stood to go, "Whatever, jerk", she hissed at him. As she reached the bottom of the stairs Malcolm spoke again.

Oh and Bella?" he called. "What?!" She snapped annoyed. Malcolm let out a little laugh but his face said the opposite, "Try that shit again and you'll wish you'd never been born". Bella growled and stomped upstairs leaving Malcolm to ponder what he'd just said. He'd just threatened a girl but he didn't care, she'd tried to mess up his relationship with Sandi. He meant every word of it.

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