Monday, 21 April 2014

The Lighthouse; Part 6, Chapter 1: Small fish, Big Pond

"Hey, I'm boss dog, alpha male and leader of the pack, who are you? . . . nah, I'm just kidding, I'm Troy". the tall muscular guy flashed a friendly smile at Malcolm who laughed at his crazy introduction. "I'm Malcolm" he smiled back, "I'm guessing you live here, last year too?" he asked.

 Troy nodded, "Yep, one more year and I'm outta here" flashing his brilliant smile again. "Cool, same with us too, Hey! Mortimer, come meet Troy!" Malcolm shouted to his best friend over the hustle and bustle of moving day.

After making small talk, the boys moved onto more serious matters, like sport. Troy played  basketball for the University and so far that season, they'd never lost a game, he tried recruiting them but Malcolm already had his heart set on football and Mortimer wasn't too far behind. A few minutes later, Malcolm wandered off to find his room and left the other two talking politics, how they got onto that he wasn't quite sure but he sure as hell wasn't interested in it. The conversation didn't last long as something, or rather someone, caught Troy's eye. He hit Mortimer on the chest in a daze as a low whistle simultaneously escaped from his lips. "Who is that?" Troy asked eyes unblinking.

Who... Oh that's Sandi- "Mortimer started but Troy cut him off, "I know who she is, the model right, No, I mean the girl behind her". Mortimer did a double take, Troy was talking about Darlene. He can't be serious, Mortimer thought to himself. "Oh, that's Darlene" he shrugged, then he had to remind himself that at first glance, Darlene was a pretty girl, not everyone knew her well enough to see past that, yet. He was sure it wouldn't be long until Troy found out that her beauty was literally skin deep. "I wouldn't get too hung up if I were you, she's hard work" he joked. "Yea, well, I like a challenge" Troy smiled cockily. Mortimer smirked, this guy had no idea. "Don't say I didn't warn you..." he chuckled over his shoulder as he ascended the stairs to his room. 

"He looks familiar, I just can't think of where I've seen him before. . ." Sandi mused, "You know, I thought the same thing, I wonder if he went to our high school, maybe he was older than us? What do you think Dee?" Kaci asked a distracted Darlene, she'd been quiet ever since they arrived at their dorm.

"Me? Oh, um, I don't know, I wasn't really paying much attention to him to be honest, I mean, where are all the hotties? Some nerd downstairs actually tried to hit on me! At least that's what I think he was aiming for, uck!" She rolled her eyes, visibly annoyed. The other two laughed, Darlene would never change.

"How on earth did you manage to bring so many shopping bags Darlene, we've been here less than 24 hours!" Sandi exclaimed. "Some of us like to look our best at all times" she smiled back, but Kaci didn't miss the hint of strained sarcasm in her voice. If Sandi noticed she didn't acknowledge it. "Seriously though, that guy? He's hot as hell! If I was single, I'd be all over that body!" Sandi said biting her lip.

"I'm sure you would" Darlene muttered under her breath. "You say something Darlene?" Sandi asked, genuinely unaware of what the other girl had said. "Nope, not a word" she grinned, avoiding Kaci's stare. In reality she was annoyed. As if it wasn't enough that the two had to share a room, Sandi had put up pictures on the board and the more Darlene looked, the less she appeared. Wasn't she part of the friendship too? When had they become so distant? There were hardly any pictures of all five of them together. She knew the answer to it but she wasn't ready to admit it out loud. She inwardly scolded herself  for even letting it bother her and turned to go downstairs to see if there were any other hot guys around, preferably not ones called Troy.


"Malcolm, are you really using the water as an excuse to lean on me right now?" Sandi laughed, squealing as the water splashed her slightly. "What? No way, gotta keep the hair looking right, you know how it is", Malcolm retorted completely serious, making Sandi laugh even harder. "Well share the joke?!" he insisted, "You're more of a girl than me!" she shouted wiping tears from her eyes before the roller coaster zoomed off again.

The fair from the nearby Roaring Heights had come into town and the five of them had decided to go check it out. They hadn't been dissapointed, the roller coasters were crazy and the atmosphere was just what they needed to take their minds off of the upcoming exams they all had. The ride came to an end and the pair of them laughed as Malcolm's legs almost gave way. "Come on, lets go find the others and eat before you collapse" Sandi joked.

"Hey, I'm just saying, I heard someone up their screaming and it sure as hell wasn't Sandi..." Mortimer teased Malcolm. Everybody at the park had heard Malcolm's high pitched screams followed by Sandi's hysterical laughter. "Thought you weren't afraid of roller coasters big guy" Mortimer taunted as he took a huge bite out of his hot dog.

"Dude, shut up! I was not screaming at all, that was Sandi, come on" he tried to brush it off but he was a little to loud and a little too defensive. "Malcolm Geoffrey Arthur don't you dare lie on me!" Sandi shouted across the diner. Malcolm cringed and tried to sink into his chair. Mortimer threw his head back and howled with laughter, "Busteeed!" he chuckled sticking his tongue out at Malcolm. "Yea, yea, whatever dude, we'll see if you're any better when you ride that thing" Malcolm challenged him. "Ha! Betcha ten simoleons I don't scream like a girl" he smirked. "Oh it's on" Malcolm chuckled back, "I wan't my money in ones, One Arm Bandit's gonna pay out I can feel it!" he laughed greedily as he rubbed his palms together.


"Oh shit Kace, I'm not reaaaddyyyyyy!"

Malcolm stood on the ground listening to his best friend screaming for his life, grinning like a maniac. "Well, looks like I just won ten smackaroo's, One Arm Bandit's, here I come hehe".

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