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The Lighthouse; Part 6, Chapter 2: Seven Years of Bad Luck

"What are you doing up there? Our rooms are down- oh. Oh. You dirty dog you!" Malcolm teased Mortimer loudly. "Have fun did you?" he winked naughtily.

"Dude shut up, you'll wake the girls up!" Mortimer hissed back. "Girls? Girls! Does Kaci know about this, Ooh! Better yet, is she one of them? She's a super freak, super freak, she's really freaky!" He sang doing a priceless impersonation of Sick James, and old 80's singer. Mortimer just stared at him, completely unimpressed.

"I don't know about Kaci, but you could ask your mom? She's still in my roo-", Mortimer didn't get time to finish his sentence. Malcolm turn and lunged up the stairs towards him, but Mortimer was quicker. He hopped over the opposite rail and down the stairs, laughing the whole time,  before a fuming Malcolm could catch him. Works like a charm he laughed to himself.


Darlene was already up, she heard the commotion outside. Sometimes she wondered why she still liked Malcolm. He could be so immature at times. She hadn't given up hope completely that he would come to his senses and leave Sandi for her. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and sighed knowing she couldn't wait forever and they weren't getting any younger. It wouldn't kill her to have a little fun while she waited she supposed. The campus was bound to have lots of hot  and single, or not, guys all over it. Besides, what Malcolm didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

Her lectures were all in the evening, so she had free reign of the house during the day. More than enough time to bring a hot guy round, get him to make her feel good and then force him to leave. The dumb blonde act came in handy in more ways than one. She was hoping it would come in handy with her new lecturer as well. She wasn't sure why, but the old one had suddenly resigned. She had a feeling that it might have been in relation to the 'extra tuition' sessions he offered his female students but she wasn't certain and as long as he kept her name out of it she didn't care. She eyed herself in the mirror once more, finally deciding she'd stick to her look of pure innocence today for the new lecturer. Besides, I can always pull the sex kitten out of the bag, when I need it, she thought as she smiled to herself. 


"You know I'm gonna get you back for that right!" Malcolm grumbled, put out that he hadn't been able to catch Mortimer. "Are you still talking about that, shut up, you sound like a woman!" Mortimer rolled his eyes, sighing. Their Professor coughed, loudly. Malcolm struggled to hold back a laugh. 

Mortimer kept his eyes down and began pressing buttons rapidly. Great, now the professor thinks I'm some sexist pig! he thought to himself. They worked silently for a while, the low hum of the machines was all that could be heard. "So what do you think of Troy?" Malcolm asked Mortimer, as he tried to type in the correct calculations on his machine.

"He seems cool, but I feel like we're not getting the full picture about him" Mortimer replied. "Why?" Malcolm asked, punching the air as his machine began to perform the correct procedure. "Well, it seems like he knows Sunset Valley well, really well, but he says he's never lived there, yet he remembers things that happened during our senior year that I don't even remember. Things he'd only know if he'd been there, but I don't remember him" Mortimer said, puzzled. "I can't say I recognized him to be honest but he does seem a little familiar to me too" Malcolm agreed. Mortimer shrugged and looked up at his screen.

"I'm nearly done, you?" he asked Malcolm. "Yep, in about 10, wanna hit the gym after?" Malcolm replied. "Definitely, if I don't start working out soon I'm gonna end up with a beer belly" he laughed.


Troy lay on his bed and looked at the clock next to it. 01:53 it read. He heard Malcolm stumble into his room about 30 minutes later. Troy never could sleep at night, but he definitely couldn't sleep tonight. It was significant. It was the date he'd gained his freedom. He hated thinking about what had almost happened to him. His life would have been so different if the decision had gone the other way. He was just grateful they'd seen sense. Turning his attention back to the screen, he sighed at what he was about to do.

He hated himself for it but it had to be done. The stuffed blue duck she'd bought him caught his eye and reminded him of happier times. She'd stuck by him through it all and he was eternally grateful, but she'd had her own motives, plus they were both so young and had a lot of growing up to do. Unfortunately, he'd grown out of her. They just didn't click any more. He knew he was taking the cowards out, that you shouldn't do things like that over email, but he couldn't face it in person. She'd cry or get angry and it would be too much.

Troy began to type when her IM window popped up. Shit, he hadn't thought she'd be up. Hey babe, I miss u! She typed, but they were just empty words. He knew it was a lie, he knew all about how she basically slept with anything moving since he'd left, bragging about how she was just waiting for him to make it into the Sims Basketball Association. It made him feel less guilty for what he was about to do. He didn't want to be mean, it wasn't in his nature, but it was the only way. He took a deep breath and went for the jugular. "I can't do this anymore, you've cheated on me one time too many. We're over." He attached the picture of his ex best friend with his tongue down her throat and then clicked send. He sat holding his breath as he waited for her delayed response. The words "Fuck you", flashed up on his screen. And just like that, they were done.


"Dude... Dude! Wake up!" Mortimer hissed, desperately trying to wake his best friend. They'd been in the lecture for less than an hour and already Malcolm had fallen asleep. He'd tried everything he could to hide it from their Professor but he was almost certain she'd noticed. The fact that she hadn't said anything was what worried Mortimer. She wasn't one for giving sympathy votes.

Beside him, Malcolm snoozed on like a baby. How he could sleep in her lecture Mortimer would never know, she put the fear of God into anybody, but Malcolm? Malcolm was a different story, Mortimer looked across at his friend and shook his head. He was beginning to drool.

Mortimer tried one last time to wake him up. He was positive the Professor was staring right at them. They were on the front row for Pete's sake. You could never tell with her glasses. Some said she had them specially made to reflect you instead of her eyes. Mortimer wouldn't be surprised if they had x-ray vision. He gave Malcolm a hard  kick under the table. The class was nearly over. She'd notice if he didn't move when the other student's did.

Malcolm woke up smoothly, years of practice in high school had paid off. "Chill out, I'm up" he muttered as Mortimer tutted and finished off his notes. "I told you not to go to that party last night!" Mortimer whispered. Malcolm scanned the board in front of him. "Okay I'm good, it's all in here" he grinned tapping his temple. "Shut up" Mortimer grumbled as their Professor turned the projector off signaling the end of the lesson. Mortimer held his breath waiting for her to call Malcolm back but she didn't so he thought Malcolm had gotten away with it. Boy was he wrong. As they reached the door she came out of nowhere and was suddenly right behind Malcolm. All Mortimer could do was bite back a laugh as she honed in on him.

"Mr. Landgraab. You're celebrity status might garner you favor with the girls on campus but I can assure it does not with me. The next time you decide to treat my lecture as a napping session you will fail this class with no negotiation. I do not tolerate slackers in my lessons and the profession your are entering into tolerates them even less. You had better pray you pass this exam next week. Maybe you will be able to pull your grade up from a D to a C", she breezed past him and into the hall way when she was done. Malcolm childishly pretended to imitate her "From a D to a C. Eck" he mocked. "Mr. Landgraab?" her disembodied voice called to him. "Y-yes?" he stammered. "Make that an F to a D. Have a good day Mr. Landgraab". He resisted the urge to scream loud profanities at the top of his lungs and went to find Mortimer outside. 


Kaci snuck into the lesson and scanned the room for Sandi. She quickly spotted her at the front, Forget that! she thought to herself, but there were no other seats, she'd have to go to up there. The one time she actually wished the Professor had locked the door, she hadn't,  meaning Kaci had no excuse but to go in. Her stupid alarm hadn't gone off and Sandi had been at the gym all morning so she wasn't there to wake her. She slowly made her way to front praying the Professor wouldn't turn around but Damn It! She did. 

"Ah, Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Ursine has decided to join us, at Oh, 9:03. Now Kaci, what time does my lesson start?" she asked a beetroot red Kaci. "9 o'clock Professor" Kaci answered. "Precisely. What time has it always started Kaci?" she asked another question. Kaci stood rooted to the spot. "9 o'clock Professor".

"Tres Bien! 9 O Clock. Not 8:59, Not 9:01, 9 O clock. Do not be late to my lesson again. You may sit." she said disdainfully turning back to the board. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Kaci slid into her chair and sank as low as she possibly could. She was sure the woman made it her mission in life to humiliate her whenever she could, asking her questions on the spot, reading out her essays in class, turning her wrong answers into a whole class discussion. She had it in for her, she must have.

"Thanks for sticking up for me!" She hissed sarcastically at Sandi. "Hey, cut it out, you're in enough shit, I don't need to smell like it too!" she hissed back. Kaci resisted the urge to kick her chair out from underneath her. Instead she got out her things and began to feverishly take notes.


Darlene heard the sharp click of a pair of very expensive Madlen's coming her way. Surely this couldn't be the new Professor?

But the heels stopped right before her, and in front of her stood a very fashionable but stern looking 40 something year old woman with the body of a 20 year old. Darlene gulped. I'm screwed was all she thought.

"Um Hi. So, um, where's our new Professor?" she asked, still hoping this lady was just his secretary or something. "Oh Darling, I am your new Professor", the woman laughed loudly.

Darlene didn't have to force herself to laugh. She began to do it involuntarily and if she wasn't careful, she was about to dive head first into a massive pool of hysteria. Pull yourself together! She scolded herself.

"Ok, ok. So what happened to Mr Lothario?" she asked, trying not to panic. "Oh, the Board felt he was too easy on some of his um, female, students. You know, giving good grades where they weren't deserved. A little, distracted, shall we call it?" She smiled and perfectly straight, ice-white teeth flashed sharply at Darlene. 

"Right, okay, and we've got you instead?" Darlene asked, still clinging to the last sliver of hope and wondering if the mirror she'd broken when she was 15 was coming back to haunt her. "Of course, is that a problem? Oh what am I saying of course it's not! You should be glad you've got me!" She flashed that brilliant smile again but Darlene noticed it didn't quite reach her eyes. She didn't want to ask but her mouth moved before she could stop it. "Oh, um, why?"

"Why Darling? Oh thats easy, because if you fail, you'll know its because you weren't cut out for this and not because you refused to swallow. Oh but I shouldn't say that, you'll have to excuse me, I'm always giving away too much information", she whipped, the smile never leaving her features. "Now are you coming to class? You're already 30 second's late and I do despise tardiness" she smiled, as she sashayed inside and left Darlene standing open mouthed and bewildered.

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