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The Lighthouse; Part 6, Chapter 4: Cold Hearts (End of Part 6)

It was a grey day in New Simgland town. It appeared as though the weather was reflecting the moods of the sims inhabiting the halls of residence in the University town. Today was results day, as well as their last day in the dorm before they had to return to the Valley and the two people they all dreaded seeing, even if it was only for Spring Break. The rainbow that appeared could not lift their feelings much either. Kaci stood in her room, cringing as she opened the envelope addressed to her. She scanned the page, gently biting her lip as she did so. "Dear Miss Ursine, We are pleased to inform you that your grade for this semester is an B+. . .". She let out a huge sigh and the whooped with excitement. It may not have been the A she felt she deserved but she had passed and that was all that mattered for now.

"Guys! Guys!! I passed!" she squealed, jumping up and down, giddy with relief. She ran out of her room to find the others and share the good news.


A short while later, the friends sat in Kaci's room, having a celebratory drink and trying to pretend that they were all looking forward to going back to the house in the Valley.  The rain was still falling in spurts and the sound of it hitting the window's played as background noise to their conversation. Troy was telling them about his childhood and where he grew up. It was all beginning to make sense, why Mortimer felt he remembered him but couldn't quite place him. He had gone to Sunset Valley High in their senior year, but not for long, and none of them were prepared for what he had to say next.

"Woah. Wait a minute, you're telling us that this girl accused you of what?! why?" Mortimer said, astounded. He was the only one able to speak. The rest had been stunned into silence. "Rape, because she came onto me, hard. And then she was embarrassed I guess when I turned her down" Troy repeated. ". . . and the school kicked you out? With no proof?" Mortimer asked slowly. "Yes. It was easier for them to ignore the problem rather than deal with it. They knew I didn't do it. Coach Andrews wasn't happy about it, but the girls dad had the school over a barrell, and him being a Military man and all. . . . We shouldn't have been left unsupervised-" Malcolm cut him off. "But dude, that  is not the fucking point. If they knew you had done nothing they should have fought to prove it" he bristled. Troy sighed, "Yea, maybe. I was a new kid, from a broken home with no stake in anything really, easily replaced and it was easy enough to say I just wasn't adjusting well when I left". No one spoke for a while.

"The devious bitch", Sandi mumbled, but the disgust in her voice was clear. "And you can't remember who she was?" she asked. Troy shook his head, "I can barely remember her face let alone her name. Tia says I'm repressing it", he shrugged.  "I'm sorry that had to happen to you dude, really. . ." Malcolm hung his head. "So. . . where do you call home now?" he continued. "Nowhere really", Troy smiled sadly. "I had someone back in St. Claire but that didn't work out, so I'm on my own now. Probably just sofa surf until next semester starts". Kaci's heart ached for him.. It angered Kaci to think that someone had nearly ruined this boys life over a lie and had gotten away with it.

Troy stood up and stretched, taking a sip of his beer as he did so. "And on that note, I'm off to pack, thanks for the therapy session guys. No seriously, all jokes aside, I appreciate you all not judging me" he saluted them, and closed the door softly behind him. One by one they followed suit, standing a stretching. The air in Kaci's room was thick with mixed emotions. "Hey, guys? I have an idea. . ." she said slowly. Mortimer and Sandi's turned to look at her. Kaci' didn't have "ideas". She had "This is what's going to happen's", even if she didn't see it that way.

"Hey! Don't look at me like that, I was just thinking, Troy has nowhere to go, we have a loft that's not in  use-" Mortimer cut her off, "Kaci, there are seven people in the house already, eight is too much" he said. "Yea, and what's to say he want's to go back to Sunset Valley, even if it just for Spring Break? I mean, would you?" Malcolm reasoned. ". . . I know that. . . but we can't just turn our backs on him. He's our friend guys. . ." she said softly. They were quiet for a minute, and then without saying anything, the others knew Kaci was right. They had to at least ask. "I'll ask him-" Mortimer said, watching Kaci's face light up, "-But don't get your hopes up. . ." he hurriedly continued.


Darlene heard a knock on her bedroom door and then the sound of it gently opening. Why on earth would Sandi knock when they were sharing a room? But She bristled when she heard the voice. "Hey, Darlene? Can I talk to you for a minute?" Troy asked

"Sure" she replied evenly as turning around. Troy coughed to clear his throat, "Um, I just wanted to say, that I hope things aren't going to be, um awkward, between us, now that I'm staying with you guys" he shrugged. "So you accepted then?" Darlene probed, trying to keep her composure but failing miserably. She didn't see why she had to put up with Kaci's charity case. She could barely get into the bathroom as it was. What happened to him was bad but it wasn't her fault, it wasn't any of their faults. And what did he mean by awkward? Nothing happened between them because she wasn't interested, not the other way around and she was about to set the record straight.
"Why the hell would things be awkward between us? Look Troy, you may have them all wrapped arounds your little finger but you don't fool me for a second. You're just another washed up delinquent that's trying to freeload of the goodness of me and my friends and I don't like it. I mean, look at me, and look at you, you're not even my type. Nothing happened because I didn't want it to, oh wait? maybe that's the problem, maybe you're just too used to just taking what you want- "

"Darlene. Enough." Troy uttered in a way that sent a violent chill through her body. "Now you listen to me, and you listen good, you stuck up little tramp. I did not force anyone to do anything because nothing happened. Unfortunately for you, you're stuck with me because I have no where else to go. God knows I'd love to see the back of you but for now, your house is all I have, and don't think for one minute that I believe that it has anything to do with you. But I can promise you, I will never, ever bother you again." 

On his way out, he stopped and turned slightly to face her, "A word of advice? If you stopped being so self absorbed for more than five seconds you might actually see that not every guy you meet just want's to get into your jeans. You could be the prettiest girl in the world but if you're personality is ugly, then that's what people will see. No one likes ugly Darlene, no one", Troy stated before he walked out and shut the door softly behind him. Darlene closed her eyes tight and took a deep breath, stalking over to her mirror. She scrutinized her face. She didn't know what Troy was talking about, guys would always want her. She was beautiful. She was Darlene Bunch. Troy's just mad I rejected him, she told herself, but deep down she knew it wasn't just that. She couldn't shake off what he'd said to her, no matter how hard she tried. "Damn you Troy Tellmer!" She hissed quietly as she examined her cheekbones. She liked what she saw and that was all that mattered, so why had his words affected her so much. Outside, the rain that had previously stopped, once again began to fall.


*Rinnnnng, ring. Rinnnng, Ring. Rinnnng. Ring.* The high pitched shrill of the phone rang the through the tiny trailer, appearing to echo as it did so.

This was the fourth time that week, she'd had a call from this number. She thought it was a Sunset Valley area code but she couldn't be sure. It was the same conversation every time time. A man telling her that she needed to come and see her daughter, but he would never say why, he said he couldn't, she just needed to come. She answered the phone and made her mind up that she was going to tell him not to call her again once and for all.

"Hello. . . Hello? Don't hang up! Look, I'm, I'm your daughter's husband. She doesn't know I've called you and she doesn't want me to tell you anything. But you need to come and see her. . . He- Hello?" The voice said.

"Oh is that right? You listen' to me sonny, I don't have to do anythin'. As far as I'm concerned, she's made her bed an' she can lie in it, sick or not. D'you understand me? Now tell'er I said hello and don't call me again" she growled. She had no intention of leaving Appaloosa Plains to make the long journey to Sunset Valley. "You don't understand!" The man said urgently, catching her attention, and then he fell silent. A few seconds passed before he spoke again, "She's sick, and I don't know when. . . if. . . she's going to get better ". She was quiet for a moment as she mulled over what he had just said. A minute must have gone before she spoke again ". . .What's your address? I guess I'm comin' to see you".

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