Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Lighthouse; Part 7, Chapter 2: Pretty Little Liar

"Yo, something happen between you and Bella? You don't seem to like her very much" Sam laughed. Troy didn't answer, mulling the question over in his brain. He had no idea where to begin. Troy hadn't known at first, even the fact that her face seemed familiar hadn't jogged his memory. Her reaction to him had somewhat surprised him but not hugely, considering the Valley was a semi small town. He'd assumed she was judging him based on the little she'd heard and he thought no more about it. She did her best to avoid him and made only necessary conversation if they were alone together. It was only during a passing conversation when someone mentioned her father being an Army Chief did the pieces fall into place.
He'd tried to keep his composure but as the weeks passed it became harder and harder. Troy had never been one to hold a grudge, even with the rough hand he'd been dealt in life, but the taste of bitterness was slowly infiltrating his taste buds and he was finding it hard to wash away. He thought, carefully, about his answer and decided to take Tia's advice and tell the truth. The longer he kept quiet, the longer he was helping keep her dirty little secret and he refused to do it anymore. It had taken enough away from him. "Earth to Troy. . . There's no problem, I just wanna know, she's. . . weird. . .around you", Sam said, waiting for Troy to answer him.

". . . Look, I don't want to get into it. . . ask her", Troy answered. "I'm asking you-", "-And I said ask your girl", Troy finished. "What's so big of a deal that you can't tell me, did she come on to you or something
?" Sam bristled. Troy laughed bitterly, "Something like that, but try going back a few years, high school to be exact, ask her if she remembers, tell I asked how her daddies doing", he said sharply. "What?", Sam asked confused. Troy sighed, closed his laptop and began to leave kitchen, stopping in the doorway, "Look, just ask your girl, and if you're smart? Run a mile". Sam sat, bewildered yet intrigued as he watched Troy grab his backpack off the sofa and leave through the front door. Quickly, he headed upstairs to do some digging of his own. Flipping his laptop screen up, he typed Troys name along with Sunset Valley High as it was all he had to go on. Lots of article's came up, most of them based around him being the up and coming football star, which Sam remembered, and then they just fizzled out. One in particular caught his eye, "High school star falsely accused of assault". Sam clicked the article and the more he read the more his stomach dropped.

It didn't mention any names as both parties were juvenile, but it mentioned the Valley and the girls Army Chief father getting involved. Sam didn't want to believe it, but who else could it be? The ages and time frame fit. She'd told him she wanted a break and began flirting with the new kid, before Sam could blink she was all over him again and the new kid was gone. Bella was a lot of things but a liar? About something so serious as that? He felt sick. He didn't want to believe it but deep down he knew and he felt like he'd been punched in the stomach. Sam slammed his laptop shut, put his head in his hands and cried.


"Fuck, fuck, FUCK baby, harder Sam, harder!", Bella moaned loudly as Sam pounded into her. He didn't know what this was, one last fling maybe, but it certainly wasn't love. That died the second he saw her for what she really was. He knew he was no angel, but he would never intentionally set out to ruin someones life, ever, and if he knew he had, he would have fixed it. The sound of her beginning to reach climax dragged him from his thoughts, he pounded into her harder and soon his own cries of ecstasy mingled with hers. 

"Fuck!", he said withdrawing from her quickly. "What the hell Sam?!, You get yours and just leave me hanging?" Bella shouted, annoyed as Sam quickly shrugged into his boxers. "Yea, Bella, that's exactly what this is", Sam replied sarcastically. Bella exhaled loudly and put her red lingerie back on. "Fuck got your panties in a bunch?" Bella huffed.

 She knew something was wrong with Sam, if it was about the guy she flirted with last week she'd thought they were over that already. "Look Sam, I already told you, thats guys was a nobody, it was just a little harmless-", she began but Sam cut her off, "Oh, will you just shut up you self absorbed prissy bitch, I am so fucking tired of your whining, can't you just be quiet for a minute?" Sam sighed, the muscles in his back and arms taut.

"I'm just saying Sam, don't bite my head off, it was nothing, it's not like I slept with the guy-". Before she could finished her sentence Sam had her pinned against the wall. The look in his eyes as they burned into hers sent a shiver down her spine, it was pure contempt.

"No, but you'd have let me think you slept with him, just like you let your dad, and coach and the whole of this fucking town think Troy raped you". Bella's eyes widened involuntarily, she couldn't control it and she began to stammer, trying to regain some control. "Wha- How- I- you know?", she said eventually giving up. "Yes, I know. You make a pretty little liar don't you, whatd'you do? Lie to daddy and he did the rest? Bella how could you ruin his life like that?" Sam hissed through clenched teeth. "I, I, I was young Sam, and stupid, and humiliated because he rejected me-", "Because he rejected you? Are you fucking kidding me, you were that egotistical you ruined some poor kids life because you couldn't deal with rejection?" Sam said, astounded. "Sam, he embarrassed me, I was young and stupid, if he'd just-", "If he'd just what Bella? Fed your ego he'd have been alright?" Sam laughed cynically. "Sam, are you. . . are you gonna go to the police?". Sam let out a peal of humourless laughter. "Are you for fucking real right now? All this time and you're still thinking about yourself? You make me sick Bella!" Sam yelled, staring into her eyes. He wanted her to know exactly how he felt about her. "If I never have to look at your self centered manipulative scheming face again it will be too soon". She began to plead with him, not liking the turn things had taken.

"Sam I'm not trying to save my own skin, I just, it was so long ago I don't want to-", Sam cut her off. "Bella, we're through", he said, almost dejectedly. "You're giving up on us? What about you Sam? You're not perfect either, you've done your fair share of snakey shit too!" she yelled, trying anything to get him to show some sort of emotion, it was as though all feeling had left him.
"You know what, you're right, I'm not. But I never claimed to be, I may not have always been faithful to you but I never lied about it. No, thats no excuse, but I never kept you in the dark. Bella you know all of my deepest, darkest secrets yet you couldn't trust me with that-", "Look at how you reacted Sam!" she interjected. "Whatever Bella, the point is, your a shapeshifter, and the more I think about it, the more I realise that I never really knew you at all. At least with a snake you know what you're dealing with. You? You're something else", he shook his head and let her go.
"Now get out", he moved away from her. "Sam. . .", she whined, grabbing his arm. "I said GET OUT", he roared, shrugging her off of  his arm. She fell against the wall, stunned. Shakily she grabbed her clothes and walked towards the door, tears running down her face, "Sam, I. . . I'll give your space, we can talk when you've calmed down. I love you". Sam laughed bitterly, "No you don't, you never did, I was just a one up on Kaci and look where that got us. Just go Bella". He turned his head away, not wanting her to see his own tears. He'd made his mind up. They were through. He flopped down on his bed and just lay there, staring up at the ceiling as tears ran down his face.


An hour later he suddenly jumped up off of his bed, sat at his desk and began scribbling a letter furiously. They'd find it when they got home. He then made a phone call and afterwards, realized he was left with practically no time to sort anything out. He quickly threw his clothes and other belongings into his bag, putting on what he'd been wearing earlier. He could sort his things out properly later.

Sweeping a glance around the room to make sure he'd left nothing behind, he closed his door and quickly headed down the spiral staircase.

When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he dashed into the kitchen and stuck the letter on with a fridge magnet, a sad half smile grazing his lips. A horn beeped outside, he walked towards the front door, stopping to take one last look around the place he'd called home for the last three years. There a few happy memories but they were few and far between. Mostly his fault he'd readily admit, but he relished them all they same. He slipped through the door, putting his umbrella up as he braced himself against the rain.

The taxi man quickly got out and put his suitcase in the trunk. Sam stopped to take in the fresh smell of the sea air one last time, and the faint light from the lighthouse against the grey, rumbling sky in the distance.
"Son, you'll miss your train", the taxi man nudged him gently. Sam nodded and climbed into the backseat.

He didn't look back as they pulled away from the curb, a fresh start was in front of him and that was all he needed to see. "Goin' anywhere nice Son?", the cab driver asked. "St. Claire, to start over", Sam smiled, his first genuinely happy smile in as long as he could remember. He knew starting over wouldn't be easy, it would mean letting go of old habits and beginning again, but he was ready and he was willing. Finally, he was free.

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