Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Lighthouse; Part 7, Chapter 5: A Bitter End

The rain had been falling relentlessly for days. Nancy dashed quickly up the long dark driveway, purse held over her head as she tried to shelter herself from the cold hard raindrops.

She shuddered as she entered the cold house, it was quiet. She figured Geoffrey was out somewhere, God knew he was never at home anymore. As she was about to ascend the large staircase, his voice startled 

"Have a nice night?" he asked. She froze where she was, already knowing that he wasn't really looking for answer and fully aware that nothing she said would be good enough. "Um, it, it was okay", she stammered, kicking herself for fumbling, she still didn't turn around. Not that he would have noticed. He was too busy peering out of the window towards the end of their driveway, watching the brand new Mercedes slowly pull away from the curb. "Who were you with?", he asked, his voice neutral. She didn't lie, but she didn't tell the whole truth either. "People from work", she replied. "Men?", he asked, his voice taking on a slight hint of irritation. "...yes, a, a few", she answered calmly, hoping the interrogation would be over quickly so she could go and have a nice hot bath.

"A few or one", he sneered, turning around quickly, he grabbed her wrist to stop her from running and yanked her around to face him. She cried out in pain. "Geoffrey, you're hurting me, let go", she pleaded, fighting back tears. He sighed in disgust but let go. 

"So come on, since my wife wants to get dressed up and play whore for another man, she can at least tell me who the bastard is, oh wait, I already know. It's Christopher Steel isn't it", he spat. Nancy was taken aback. She didn't even think Geoffrey noticed that they knew each other. She'd been bored at home since Malcolm had left and had suggested getting a job to Geoffrey. He'd completely nixed the idea at first but eventually he'd told her to come and be his secretary at work. She guessed it was so he could keep an eye on her more than anything. One afternoon, Christopher had come in, being the Chief of Police and having worked domestic abuse cases before he'd known an abused woman when he'd seen one. He'd slipped her his card and told her if she wanted to talk, on or off the record, all she had to was call. She'd smiled politely and nodded, having no intention of making contact but a few months later, things with Geoffrey had gotten so bad she couldn't cope. She wouldn't tell Claire or Cyran, they had more than enough on their plate, and she had no other real friends she could turn to, Geoffrey had seen to that. She'd stumbled across Christophers card and she'd arranged to meet him. It started off completely platonic, they met a few times before she actually discussed the emotional and mental abuse Geoffrey inflicted on her with him, and then one night when Geoffrey was out of town, she'd gone to Chris' house for a coffee instead of their usual spot. He'd kissed her, apologized profusely but then she surprised him and herself by kissing him back. When he'd gently taken her hand and led her towards his bedroom she hadn't stopped him. He'd given her the best night of her life and shown her how a real loving relationship should be. Now as she looked at the man before her she knew that she'd never truly had that with him, but she denied seeing Christopher anyway. Geoffrey wasn't buying it.

"Don't you lie to me you filthy whore!" he roared, making her cower away from him. "Since when did you get so dressed up to go out with anyone from work? You put on your new lingerie for christs sake- yes I know because I checked! It's not in your drawer! You can't hide anything from me you stupid little bitch!" he spat. He raised his fist but he didn't hit her. He never did. She assumed he liked the idea of having so much control over her. As she slowly stopped cowering, she looked at him, really looked at him, for the first time in a long time. Her hero was gone, the man whom she had worshipped the ground he walked on was gone, instead, she saw a cold, possessive, jealous, control freak who was so self-centred he had no clue what was going on outside the little world of his own. Something in her snapped. To hell with the emotional torment she was done with him and she was not about to let him break her spirit. "You know what Geoffrey George Benjamin Landgraab? You're right! Ha! You are absolutely right!" she spat, a triumphant smile on her face.

"I am seeing someone and he is the kindest, most caring, thoughtful, loving, compassionate, understanding, patient man I have ever known, and I don't give rats ass what you think about it! He makes me happy, something you haven't done in years. He LOVES me for ME! Not for how good I look standing next to him at his pretentious Charity Events! Would I call it an affair? No, because that would have to mean that I am actually in a relationship and I wouldn't call this farce anything of the sort!" she yelled angrily, years of pent up anger erupting wildly. Geoffrey just stood there, completely taken aback and motionless. "Geoffrey, I. .  I'm leaving you. We're through. I want a divorce".  Nancy surprised herself, the words she'd been longing to say for years had actually escaped her lips. "Now, wait a minute Nancy, let's not go throwing fancy words around now. I mean we have Malcolm to thin-", but Nancy furiously cut him off.

"Don't you dare bring him into this!" she hissed, "You've never really cared for that boy. If I was the trophy wife then he was certainly the trophy child. Do you even know what his favourite colour is? What music he likes? What's going on in his life right now?", she pressed, staring into his eyes as he refused to meet her gaze. "Don't you dare try and turn this back on to me, you're the one fucking the Chief of Police!" he roared, angry that she had managed to touch a nerve. "Like you're not fucking anything that moves", she shot back, her voice neutral. Geoffrey couldn't hide the surprise on his face. He'd always been discreet, or so he thought. 

"I know all about you and the little whore's you've had over the years, and I looked the other way, not because I wanted to, because I was told by those high society wives you always wanted me to be best friends with that it was the best thing to do. 'There, there now Nancy, Don't cause a fuss Nancy, They all do it Nancy' ", she mocked.

 "And because I was so young and completely in love with you I turned my head and told my eyes not to see, but I couldn't stop my heart from feeling Geoffrey. I've spent 23 years of my life wondering why I was never good enough for you, knowing when you didn't come home that you were with some whore in a hotel room, do you know how that feels? To know that you'll never be enough? It feels like hell, and I've had enough of it. I've had enough of letting you use my heart like a doormat. I am a person with feelings and if after 23 years you still can't see that then our relationship is past the point of repair." She wiped the tears from her cheeks. Took a deep breath and walked past him. "If you walk out of that door, don't expect to come back, for anything, you leave here with what you came with, nothing", Geoffrey called.

Nancy laughed bitterly. "Then that's more than I bargained for" she replied, holding her head high, she braced herself against the rain, noticing the car lights at the end of the driveway. She ran towards the car and got in.
"What are you doing here?", she asked. "I saw Geoffrey standing in the window as you went inside the house, I wasn't sure how much he saw and I couldn't just leave, so I drove down and circled back", Christopher replied. "Are you okay?" he asked. Nancy nodded numbly, "I'm filing for divorce", she answered. "I'll have to start over", she mumbled. "You won't. You have me. Come and live with me, if you want to get a new house, we'll get a new house, we'll leave the Valley, anything you want we can do", he smiled, touching her cheek. She kissed him softly on the lips with a smile of her own. Exhaling slowly, she took one last look at the prison she'd called home as they pulled away from the curb, never to return.


  1. Loved your shots in this chapter and great writing! It will be sad to see your story come to an end but I'm excited about the finale. XD

    Do you have something else in the works for when this ends?

    1. Hi Jen!

      Nice to hear from you, thank you for the lovely comment :)

      and yes I do have more in the pipeline, I have about five chapter to go and it will be finished. I'll be sad to see it end but I'm also excited =D

      If you go to the link below I have explained in a little more detail what has being going outside of the sims :-)

      Thanks again for the comment!