Monday, 29 September 2014

The Lighthouse; Part 7, Chapter 7: No Going Back

Darlene sat on the bed, legs pulled up to her chest, kicking herself for making such a juvenile mistake. Thirty seconds earlier she'd had him eating out of the palm of her hand, now he was up, pants already on, about to button up his shirt. She knew exactly what she'd done, or rather said, but she decided to play dumb and ask him anyway. "Baby, what's wrong?", she asked innocently, eyes wide, mouth formed into a perfect pout.

Dalton ignored her as he continued to button up his sleeves and began looking around for his cufflinks. "Baby. . . talk to me. . ." she pleaded. His shoulders drooped as he came and sat on the bed, head in hands. ". . . What did I do?", she asked,  trailing her fingers slowly over his muscular shoulder.

He sighed, "I think you're getting the wrong idea about this, us. . ." he trailed off. "Look, I know what I said, but it just came out, I didn't mean it, I was lost in the moment-", she began but he cut her off. "I know- that's the problem, you don't just throw that word around Darlene, you need to keep a level head if we're going to keep doing this", he said. "I am keeping a level head Dalton but there's only so much a girl can take", she grumbled under her breath. "That's exactly what I'm talking about!" Dalton snapped, standing up quickly and continuing to button up his shirt.

"Oh come on D, you can't expect me not to feel anything!" Darlene reasoned, tugging him back towards her but he brushed her off, annoyed at the way things were going.

"I never said that Darlene, don't put words into my mouth. I just expect you to stick to your side of the bargain, no strings attached, remember?" he asked, clearly still annoyed. Darlene huffed and got up off of the bed. She wasn't even in the mood anymore. "So what do you expect me to do? Be your dirty little secret forever? What if I'm bored of that already?" she asked, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes.

"Then you know where the door is Darlene,  I can always find someone else to keep me company, without the hassle", Dalton replied, not missing a beat. His words sobered Darlene up immediately. She thought quickly and changed her approach. "Dalton, I'm sorry baby, I know I should probably relax a little more but its hard, I just miss you sometimes, I only get to see you on weekends and I know we said we'd keep it fun but when I see you. . . oh this sounds silly I know, but I just like to pretend that we're an item. . ." she trailed off, curling her hair around her fingers and luring him in with her signature pout as she trailed a finger over her breast seductively.

 She saw his body soften at the same time his pants grew tight over his groin. Slipping her hand inside his shirt, she leaned forward and kissed his neck, her fingers tracing his muscles and remembering why she loved his body so much. At 41, he was much older than her, but his body didn't show it and his age certainly helped his experience in the bedroom.

While she may have been his dirty little secret, he was also keeping her, her wardrobe and her bank balance happy so who was she to complain, besides she didn't want to lose the monthly allowance coming from his never ending wallet.  She couldn't afford to, she was living off of it. She'd quit her job because he was giving her triple the amount of her paycheck. She didn't like to think of it as him paying for her services, that really wasn't what it was but she knew other people wouldn't see it that way. They'd call him her sugar daddy and say she was a homewrecker and label her a gold digger. She herself saw him as a very rich, very handsome 'benefactor' putting her through college. She knew she probably wasn't the only girl he was seeing, but she made damn sure she was the only one he spent money on. No way was she about to let some other girl come and take her place. She also knew that once college was over it would probably come to an end, so she was trying to make them official, despite the huge obstacle in her way.  "Baby, lets forget this, let me make it up to you. . .",she purred, kissing her way down his body. He groaned loudly, hands tangled in her hair, making no move to stop her as she pushed him towards the bed.


An few hours later, Darlene adjusted her skirt one last time, a sly smile on her face. She had him right where she wanted him.  "So, I was thinking, this weekend, maybe we could spend sometime together, maybe go away? I've always wanted to visit Champ Les Sims. . .", she said, adjusting her breasts, pretending she didn't know he was watching. "I don't know about that Darlene, what would I tell my wife?"  he said. 

"Tell her you're working baby, wouldn't it be fun? To know we could spend the whole weekend together, I mean, we might not get much sightseeing done but I'm sure we could keep ourselves, occupied. . .", she trailed off, licking her lips, knowing he couldn't resist her as she pulled him into a hug. Truth was that as much as she loved the lifestyle he gave her, she was tired of having to drive an hour away to his secret mountain lodge to get it. She wanted him for herself. He didn't talk about his wife, just said they they never slept together any more and a man like him had needs. 

Apparently they kept up appearances for the children's sake, even though they were all adults, the same age as Darlene to be exact. She'd done some things she wasn't proud of but she wasn't about to feel guilty about seeing a married man. She knew she could make him leave his wife if she tried hard enough. Didn't work with Malcolm though did it? an unwelcome voice reminded her.  He's never going to leave his wife and you know it, he's using you Darlene and you're letting him. Wake up! She pushed the thought away, annoyed. Dalton was different and if she had her way, he'd be hers before he knew it. At least that's what she told herself. She hadn't planned to be anyone's mistress but now she was, and there was no going back. 

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